The Best Facebook Bots Of 2017
Chatbots are actually software that are automated to perform in a particular manner. They are configured to function for a particular purpose, mainly chat or in stimulated conversations. IBM's artificial intelligence system Watson is famous for beating human opponents on Jeopardy. The AI behind that victory powers a suite of Watson products, including Watson Analytics Watson Analytics will analyze uploaded structured data, then uncover and visualize insights from it, and even make predictions.
AI helps in the analysis of the huge volume of complex data in a very short amount of time. Humans, on the other hand, would find it difficult to analyze and process it. In addition, AI also helps in finding the connection between various types of data, which humans may often miss.
Lifelong learning must become a central facet of what universities do, not an ancillary endeavor. This means authentic, sustainable partnerships with industry to design courses that fill competency gaps employers actually need. It means going to where the learners are, providing them with an educational roadmap customized for every walk of life. And it likely means access to a multi-campus network, in which learners circulate among nodes across the country and around the globe ? where they live and work.
It's clear that AI could be applied to really enhance and modernize a lot of things that we're doing today,? Aust said. AI won't stop at just taking over jobs. Instead, it'll go on to create more jobs. Just as Google's chief engineer Ray Kurzweil previously pointed out , by the time AI becomes super-intelligent, there should be new jobs for human beings to work in alongside it.
More than 2 billion messages are exchanged between users and brands every month on Facebook messenger alone. Companies with AI powered Facebook messenger bots see increased user interaction and sales. For example, Tommy Hillfiger saw a 3.5 times more conversion on messenger than any other digital channel during New York fashion week.
There may be no need for human-level intelligent robots in an industrial setting (and to a certain extent, a commercial one too.) But you can't ban the technology. If almost-human intelligence is OK in robots, it won't take much for a tinkering 20something to nudge it into the human-level intelligence category.

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