Hey Bimmerfest Hot import nights is coming around your Area at the Pa convention center July 25th (Saturday) and we're planning to make it big
if you guys want to register your car please do so @ HinEast.com and if you plan on attending the event use promo code [COLOR="Red"]Seam[/COLOR] to get a 5$ discount online
We're going to have over [COLOR="Red"]350+ show cars[/COLOR] and Motorcycles and alot of the top models flying in from the west coast!
Don't Miss out !

If you have any questions ask us on our Fb Page
or email me at Steven@hineast.com
Here's one of our last shows we had in Dallas enjoy :thumbup:

[url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ft88d2ZWLnc"]HIN: Hot Import Nights Dallas 2015 - YouTube[/url]

Lets See What PA has in store for us \:\)
Introduce yourselves if you came because of this thread!

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