So I've done all kinds of reasearch to find the pin out and I have not had any luck! I swapped a 94 gsr motor in my 91 SI. I took the whole harness apart, rewired everything and for some reason I have a 2 wire plug that doesnt go anywhere! The plug comes from the driver side by the shock tower next to the injector resistor box. Most of these wires go to the injector except for a blue and a black wire with yellow stripe that I can't seem to find what they connect to. I found a pinout that claims that those wires are for the idle control valve but on the diagrams they show a 2 4 2 pattern but my car's plug has 1 3 3 1 pattern. Can Anyone with a 91 SI tell me where that plug goes? It's a little 2 wire rectangular plug. I would really appreciate the help. I'm almost done with my swap and that's the only thing holding me back. Thanks!