04/11/07 03:17 AM
b16sirll into a 96EK hatch.....need help

I orderd my motor currenty waiting 2 paint the engine bay ...Im looking for a guide (Helms manual) I need one that will guide me thought swapping a b16 obd1 into a obd2 EK i do already have the harness. If anyone can help me feel free. Also were i can buy or order it would help.

Thanks justin

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04/11/07 04:25 PM
Re: b16sirll into a 96EK hatch.....need help

There is no helms manual that will guide you through putting an OBD1 motor into an OBD2 car. Lucky for you, you dont really have to worry about it. Order a helms manual for the 96-00 Civic and follow the instructions for engine removal/assembly. Then use the wire diagrams to wire the engine/car as if it were a 2000 Honda civic Si. The distributor plug wont line up but you can swap the plastic connector on the wire harness or the distributor to work.

Then all you need is a jumper harness and OBD1 ECU. You can get the jumper harness from You can order the helms manual from

12/12/12 04:05 AM
Re: b16sirll into a 96EK hatch.....need help

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