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#2743132 - 06/18/08 07:04 PM Re: SVA for sale thread [Re: Benelliwang]

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#2947387 - 08/24/08 11:00 AM Re: SVA for sale thread [Re: ]
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#2957215 - 08/26/08 10:44 PM Re: SVA for sale thread [Re: Adam G]
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I'm currently selling my 2000 EBP Si. It is in great condition.
THe link above is an older picture, but it looks the same, with the exception of tint and ion blue headlight covers. ALso check out the link:

#3004177 - 09/10/08 06:56 PM Re: SVA for sale thread [Re: Penn]
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#3227598 - 11/20/08 02:38 PM DSM part-out.... [Re: auxilary]
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I'm parting it out. there's not much high-dollar crap on it (for good reason)
EVERYTHING is negotiable. you pay shipping. I'll eat the paypal fees.

starting from the front-back.
91 talon bumper. white. no cracks, no scuffs. the two bar things are separated. $50

1g GST long route IC piping + FMIC. from the turbo outlet to the TB.
2.75" mostly, 2.25 upper. works on ABS, and non-ABS. $250.
If you'd like the ported GM MAF, and translator, make it $400.

Aluminum 1g Radiator. this thing was like $200 new, + the 14" fan (wired into stock plug) it fits well, and the fan clears the xtremePsi J-pipe. $125 with fan

Aluminum 3" intake (to stock location) with $50 stainless steel filter, and 3" to 2.5" black coupler and T-bolt.

One month old non-ported EVOIII exhaust manifold. $150.

EVOIII turbo + tubular 02 housing. TBD the hot side has been helicoiled, and I DID break an 02 bolt, but it's sealed 100%.

1g head. I was told that this was 100% rebuilt by SBR with new valves, springs, and guides. this was never over-heated, and was only torqued down once. Currently, it's got FP2's in it.
$300 without cams, $550 with.

The block.
This thing's apparently a junkyard rotating 6-bolt assembly with a new oil pump, water pump, timing belt crap, and BSEK. This is the 130, 130, 90, 130 motor. It's going to need at least rings. this thing can go for $250.

1992 FWD trans.
The things is great. Although, I DID race it, I never beat on it...
you will need to do something about the mount bosses. one's broken off.
It's supported fine with the one bolt, but you would want to weld a bracket on the stock mount to use one of the "extra" bosses. This is the transmission that needs an input shaft. take it for $75.

Used 2600 with FWD F1 11lb flywheel, and sprung 6-puck. I loved this on the street. The sprung hub makes it as drivable as a street disk, but it holds as well as any other. This whole thing can go for $150.

I have a relatively-new set of FIC 780cc injectors.
I'd sell these for $200.

I've got DSMlink + a 92 ECU, too.
I know V3 is coming, out....
ECU+chip+CD+p3 IBM T30 laptop for $650.

92 socketed ECU -$250
laptop (goes with DSMlink) $50 (doesn't hold charge, but otherwise works 100%)

I have wheels I put on right before the shootout last year.
They're ASA.. something. they're 17x8" and weigh 22#/wheel the offset is a little high, and they actually pop out a bit on my 1g with 225/45/17 tires.
I think they're in pretty good shape. 3 are perfectly round with ZERO curbing. The 4th has 3 decent nicks, but no grinding.
They have 2x sumitomo HTRZII 215/45/17, and 2x HTRZ 225/45/17.
I paid a little more than $1000 for the wheels with cheap tires...
$650, and they're yours. I'll even clean them, and wax 'em up for ya.

I've got a set of big brakes, too.
brackets+ hawk pads+ rotors+ (black powder coated)calipers for $150

I will eventually have a set of FWD eibach springs.
If you want these, give me $75 and your old ones. (SO I can push the car around) They're on front GR-2s and rear "not-so-hot" AGXs

The car's got a 2.5" press-bent downpipe that needs a new flex-section, and a 2.5" mandrel RNR exhaust with little rust, and good canister. $150 for that.

Front(red), and rear(chrome) STB $35

Full grey/blue Laser interior. everything is 100%. no tears, no rainbows.

upgraded headlight wiring harness, and H1 conversion headlights.
$55 (you bring the bulbs)

I've got a bunch of random stuff kicking around, and I WILL have things like coils, alternator, transistors, TB, manifold, cam angle sensor around.
If you need something, make an offer. I'll likely take it.

The hood is in GREAT shape with no dents. It's white outside, and blue inside. the hatch is the same. the outside, including the wing is white... inside is blue. I've got a white 92 Eclipse rear bumper, and perfect-condition eclipse tail-lights
Craig R.
2000 9-5 Gary Fisher Wagon
1995 850 T-5R
1996 Galant

AIM = gclipse96

#3233700 - 11/22/08 12:58 PM Re: DSM part-out.... [Re: CommonGutterTrash]
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How much for the FP2's themselves?
'92 Galant VR-4
'93 Nissan 300ZX

#3307054 - 12/17/08 02:24 PM Re: DSM part-out.... [Re: SpcNA[ZX]]
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225 45 17 Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD 3s. have a total of 8 miles on them. the nubs are still on them!! PM if interested

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#3484852 - 02/16/09 04:22 PM Re: DSM part-out.... [Re: M3Pilot or M3Driver]
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Year/Make/Model: 1991 BMW 318is

Location: West Michigan

Price: 2300 Firm

Mileage: 153000

Very clean car for its age. Had a respray at one point where some of the new paint is flaking off. Has very very minimal rust ( surface only, no rotting) on the under side of the trunk/doors. Easily fixable with a rattle can. Has newish generic snow tires that do ok in the snow. Car runs like a champ once warmed up. Initially it hunts for an idle while cold and the belt chirps a tad every once in a while if its cold enough out.

Right now the faceplate is missing off the CD player. I'll be replacing that before the sale. It is wired for an alpine amp running the door speakers and has a cheapy bass tube too. Nothing spectacular but it works.

Also, the driverside door lock only works from the passenger side (to lock it you use the external lock and key at the passenger side). One of the power window switcheds is currently broke but I will be replacing that too.

Only other downside is that it needs some front bushings addressed. It has a vibration in the steering wheel on braking. The rotors/pads are new though, so thats not the problem. I'm guessing bushings or possibly a wheel bearing.

Any questions, shoot me a PM.

Would make a great donor car for a V8 ;\)

you can see the peeling paint at the trim under the rear side window.

EDIT: Legacy will be for sale once I get it back from the motor being built at AllSpeed. PM if interested and I'll give the run down.

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#3578409 - 03/19/09 07:13 PM LS1 Clutches & Wheels [Re: auxilary]
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McLeod Street Twin part number is 6913-07. Rated at 800HP. You can use LS1 Flywheel. McLeod Billet Flywheel. Both are used for 500 miles according to the seller I bought it from. I didn't use it because I ended up buying another one rated at 1500HP.
$660 for Street Twin
$280 for Flywheel
$840 if you want both

CenterForce Dual Friction Clutch. This is the 11" version, I had a 12" version which the C5 destroyed it in 3 launches at the strip. CenterForce sent this one out as a better replacement, but I don't need it. $350

Polished zo6 wheels 18x 9.5 and 18 x 10.5. They are used and it shows, but they polish up nicely for street/track use. No go for show quality. $550.

LS 1 heads.......$60 pair
5.3 alum heads (19k miles) great for upping the compression on an ls1 $200
rx7 oem twin turbos....$100
Turbos.......(4) buick gn turbos. $60- $200. depending on which one you may want. All for $400.
C5R sheet metal intake. two piece, with unfinished fuel rails. $1600.00

I can email pix upon request.
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#4910607 - 07/22/10 08:27 AM Re: LS1 Clutches & Wheels [Re: Benelliwang]
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I know none of you guys drive MKIV VW's but I'm parting an entire '01 Wolfsburg. If you have family or friends that don't wanna get fucked at the dealer let me know what you need, I most likely have it.
The GN would OWN you, your children and your children's children.
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#5055669 - 09/24/10 09:24 AM Re: FS: Koni SA's for E36 / stock springs / spare tire / HU / CD [Re: ]
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I hate to do this but I really need to let it go. I've put a ton of work into this car and it has more than my asking price of $5500 in bolt ons/upgrades(probably more like $10k in parts).

1990 LX 5.0

Factory 5.0 AOD car, now has C4
Power windows
Dark Grey w/ Grey Interior
Car has approx. 3 year old paint
Interior and Exterior the car is an 8 out of 10(nicer than 90% of the foxes I've seen lately).
Car starts and runs but needs to be tuned and needs several things buttoned up(mentioned below) to hit the street/track.
Car will need to be trailered home due to open exhaust and recent front suspension parts being installed, alignment is eyeballed close but not perfect, no problems just needs to be put on an alignment rack and done right.

Nearly every part that I have put on the car was new out of the box and still has 0 miles on them.

I've lost interest and don't have time to finish this car out. Its full of good parts to make a nice fun car.
Stock block, Rods, Forged Pistons
New rings, bearings, honed, freeze plugs
ARP Main studs
Mac Windage Tray
Proform 7qt oil pan
Mac 1 3/4" Long Tube Headers, no mufflers installed yet
ARP head bolts
Ford Racing Z304 Heads(Think high port Canfields w/ a ford logo on them) 205cc intake runner flow 288 @ .600, CNC'ed chambers w/ 2.02 valves, pistons are cut to clear cam and valves @ .100 exhaust and .09 intake on face and radius
Ford SVO 1.6 rockers on 7/16 studs
Edelbrock Victor 5.0 intake w/ 1" spacer
NOS 05115 Dry kit, complete but not installed
Proform elect. fan
Ford Racing Aluminum Radiator
MSD billet dist.
New water pump
March billet alt. bracket
New Ford balancer
New flexplate w/ ARP bolts
*still has 19# inj & stock MAF so I could get it started

Stock 26 spline C4 w/ R servo w/ stock valve body in it.
4k 9" converter-not installed but comes w/ car
8.8 w/ Ford Motorsport 4:10's w/ freshly rebuilt trac-loc all new bearings and seals in rear end
Granatelli Rear End Girdle

BBK Subframe connectors
Baseline chromoly adjustable lowers
UMI non-adj. uppers
Granatelli K member
Granatelli A Arms
Granatelli front Coil overs 175#
Comp Eng 3 way rear shocks
Strange 10 way Struts
UPR C/C plates
New front & rear brake pads, bearings and seals

Brand New Greg Weld 15x3.5 & 15x10's w/ NEW 185-15's & NEW 275/60-15 Nitto Drag Radials

B&M Hammer shifter w/ C4 conversion kit
Alpine head unit w/ remote
Autometer Gage Cage w/ elec. fuel psi, mech water temp
Autometer A pillar pod w/ elec oil psi
Anderson Motorsport Loadio maf controller *not installed, I bought this to tune the car w/ a Lightning Maf
MSD window switch for nitrous
Maximum Motorsports 6 point bolt in cage w/ swing out door bars
Rear seat is removed for roll cage install but is in perfect shape and ready to go back in if desired

The car needs a few more things to be 100% complete. Mostly labor. As it sits it does not have mufflers installed. Will need an alignment due to k member install.

This is not a hacked up rusted wrecked pile, its extremely straight and in great shape.

As stated above I've lost interest and don't have any time to finish it. I built it w/ the intention of having a solid platform to grow w/. Should have the ability to run low 12's/high 11's on motor and w/ a converter change deep in the 11's/10's on a little spray.
I still have all of the AC components that were removed in GOOD working order.

$5,500 OBO
I will consider trades for:
Hot Air T-Types or GN's
1st gen lightnings
65/66 v8 coupe in running driving condition

Email @

hood is not adjusted/closed completely in these pics

Door bars in/out for cage

#5056124 - 09/24/10 11:48 AM Re: FS: Koni SA's for E36 / stock springs / spare tire / HU / CD [Re: Submission]
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A thousand rednecks just went DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNG.

Nice car.
'02 WRX
Team Slow

#5726568 - 08/07/11 10:20 PM Re: FS: Koni SA's for E36 / stock springs / spare tire / HU / CD [Re: Serendipitous]
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My automotive ADD has struck once again and I'm looking to free up some funds to finish my '67.

1998 Bight Atlantic Blue Cobra
161k miles
5 speed w/ B&M short throw shifter. Also have stock handle/shifter.
Cold AC
Current Texas Inspection

Only mods to car are:
Diablo Predator Programmer
Magnaflow Magnapack catback, 1 month old
10th anniversary Cobra replicas in 17x9 w/ 275/40-17 Nittos and 17x10 w/ 315/35-17 Nitto Drag Radials on the rear. Tires have less than 300 miles on them, no burn outs, racing, etc.

Great looking black leather interior, great looking dash pad, console & carpet, steering wheel shows typical wear for miles.

Car is extremely fun to drive, trans works great but it is stiff to get into reverse when cold.
Clean carfax.


PM for phone number

#5741572 - 08/15/11 12:43 PM Re: FS: Koni SA's for E36 / stock springs / spare tire / HU / CD [Re: Submission]
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HP Tuners VCM Suite MPVI Standard w/8 GM credits (I thought 6, but web site says 8).


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#5962097 - 11/29/11 09:15 PM Re: FS: Koni SA's for E36 / stock springs / spare tire / HU / CD [Re: Ad(min)am7]
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Nevermind, nothing to see here...
2011 Edge (Wife's appliance)
EVO IX MR, minor mods

#7843306 - 09/01/14 06:11 PM Re: FS: Koni SA's for E36 / stock springs / spare tire / HU / CD [Re: ElectronVTEC2]
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Hello all! I have a brand new, unopened set of KW V3 Coilovers for sale. Part # 35286003. It will fit 08+ infiniti g37 and 09+ nissan 370z. PM me any offers or questions.
#8402077 - 10/14/15 03:24 PM Re: SVA for sale thread [Re: stickaz_old]
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Loc: California, USA
Not bad! Sold.

Advantage Auto Movers
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#8874048 - 12/08/16 12:34 AM Re: SVA for sale thread [Re: Advantage Auto M]
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Loc: Portland, OR
WTB: Clean title 1999 or 2000 Civic Si. Preferably low miles, stock wheels, no mods and EBP.

PM .

#9173911 - 10/31/17 02:48 AM Re: SVA for sale thread [Re: damion81]
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