We all have a way we drive or mod our car. These badges capture that for you to proudly display your "Driver Personality" They have a logo in the front representing your driver personality as well as a humorous description in the back, with the option to inscribe your name to make it more personal and truly your own. Plus it gives your passengers something to read if it hangs on their side

Driver IDs available:
Wheelwhore - The Wheelwhore gets easily bored of his wheels, therefore he changes wheels like a whore changes sex partners. Do not trust the Wheelwhore when he says he has finally settled on a particular set of wheels; he will be on to the next one within a month.

JDMSlut - The JDMslut prides himself on overnighting all his parts from Japan. If it's not from the land of the rising sun, its not going anywhere near the JDMslut's ride. The JDMslut believes that everyone in America is driving on the wrong side of the road.

Slammer - The Slammer's main concern in life is getting rid of any and all wheel gap. He dislikes heights and wants his ride to be as close to the ground as possible. Speedbumps are a Slammer's worst enemy.

Replicator - The Replicator favors the quote, "Fake it til you make it." He saves hundreds of dollars by getting replica parts that look just as good as authentic parts (atleast from far away).

Rice Rocketeer - With his full bodykit, oversized spoiler wing, and deafening muffler, the Rice Rocketeer's ride is often mistaken for a spaceship. He enjoys tuna sandwiches, and lives life a quarter mile at a time.

Speed Demon - The Speed Demon believes speed limits are merely suggestions. He has places to go, and he has to get there fast, so move out the way! Parking lots, narrow streets, tunnels, and traffic are not reasons for the Speed Demon to slow down.

Drifter - The Drifter lives by the motto "You are not in control until you are out of control." Whether at the track, on the streets, or in a mountain touge, he loves burning rubber and putting the e-brake to good use.

Track Star - The Trackstar is an expert driver who frequents the track to prove himself. Although he constantly has to replace his brakes, tires, and other parts often, he enjoys pushing his skills and his ride to the limit. It thrills and excites him like nothing else and only on the track does he truly feel free.

Cruiser - The Cruiser is often seen with one arm out the window and obeying the speed limit. Cruising allows him time to check out the scenery and the babes while getting good gas mileage. He favors the quote, "I see them lookin', so I whip it slow."

Sleeper - Do not be fooled by the Sleeper's stock appearance, his ride is built for speed. He lives by the motto, "Speak softly but carry a big snail." He enjoys seeing the shocked look on the faces of fools who thought they were racing a bone stock car.

Entertainer - The Entertainer's ride is like a nightclub on wheels. People will roll down their windows to hear the clean crisp quality of his music and tailgate him to get a glimpse of the movie playing in his headrest.

Types available:
Dual sided Suction cup: $10.49
One sided Magnetic: $9.49

Shipping is $2 for up to 4 badges anywhere in U.S.
Local pickup available in Oakland, CA
*International shipping please contact me

For complete list of designs and more pictures, and to purchase
PM me or go to http://www.badgesftw.com

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