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#9288907 - 03/28/18 09:20 PM Baby Names with Unique Spellings- What Do You Think-
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Baby Names with Unique Spellings: What Do You Think?

I just LOVE baby names. Whenever my friends get pregnant, the first thing I ask is if they have a name picked out yet.I appreciate well-thought-out names, and names picked for special reasons. I also appreciate a good uniquely spelled name every now and then.It’s all the rage to switch up some lettering nowadays, and everyone seems to have a really strong opinion on the matter. After looking around,baby clothes, I picked out some of the best uniquely spelled baby names and discovered some simple rules for you if you want to add some spice to your favorite name.What do you think? To spell uniquely or not?AlysI LOVE this version of the common spelling of “Alice”. It is dainty, unique, and not too over the top. RylieRiley is a pretty playful sounding name already in my opinion but I think switching out the “y” for an “ie” makes it even more so. KayleighI’m not a huge fan of the old English “leigh” but on some names, it just looks lovely. I like this version a lot. KodyI think swapping in a “K” instead of the more traditional “C” in the name Cody is a cute but not too crazy way to make this name stand out. JaxonI am a huge fan of names with the letter “X” in them. I don’t know why, but I am. And I think this version of the name “Jackson” is super masculine and updated from the traditional spelling and maybe even a bit quirky. AerynNow I’m not usually a fan of this many changes to a traditional spelling but something about this version of the more traditional name “Erin” is just so lovely to look at. Almost mythical or elf-like wouldn’t you say?Emma LeighNow this is a big jump, but it could be the perfect compromise for parents fighting over the names Emma and Emily. Ha. JakobA simple swap of a “K” for a “C” takes the traditional name “Jacob” to a modern new height. I know this isn’t for everyone, but I think it’s cool. CaidenThe subtle “AI” addition can be so visually pretty in names like this version of the more common spelling of “Caden”. BryanI’ve seen this version of the name “Brian” so many times that it is starting to seem less unique and more common. But I really like the swap of the traditional “I” for a more modern “Y”. JaydenJaden is already a trendy name, so perhaps tweaking the spelling is a recipe for a trendy disaster. But I like this version still. Maybe I just have a thing for “Y”s. SofieSwapping an “F” for the more common “PH” in the traditional spelling of “Sophie” is a really cute and simple tweak that,baby shoes, in my opinion,baby bedding, makes the spelling a bit more dainty. SammDouble the fun? I know two girls with double “M”s on the end of their “Sam” and I think it’s a really cute twist on a common name. FynnI love the name Finn already but swapping out the original “I” for a “Y” just ups the adorable factor as far as I’m concerned. What do you think?ViktorI don’t know what it is about swapping out the “C” for a “K” in this version of the traditional spelling of “Victor” but it just seems so masculine. Rule No. 1Replacing an “I” with a “Y” seems to be a pretty common spelling switch. You can utilize this rule without too much drama. (Ex: Lyndsay, Eryn, Allyson)Rule No. 2Simply adding a “y” for no real reason seems to be another common name-tweaking tactic.(Ex: Layne Jaycob, Jaymie)Rule No. 3Another simple spelling adjustment that seems to be common is replacing an “E” at the end of a name with an “IE”. This substitution can be really subtle and make a name more appear more girlie.(Ex: Mollie, Lacie, Shelbie)Rule No. 4Adding an “H” to names that end in an “A” is a trend that has picked up popularity it seems. To me, this makes names appear more Biblical, does anyone else think that?.(Ex: Alyssah, Kaylah, Dakotah)Rule No. 5Taking out a “PH” and inserting an “F” in it’s place is a unique spelling I’ve noticed a lot, even in my friends’ names.(Ex: Sofie, Stefanie, Christofer)Rule No. 6I’ve noticed parents taking it back to the old school and using the old English “LEIGH” where an “LY” would normally go.(Ex: Ashleigh, Kyleigh, Hayleigh)Rule No. 7The popularity of the letter “K” seems to be ever growing as more and more parents swap it in. (Ex: Kasey, Kody, Kourtney)Rule No. 8This one is subtle but effective. Look around and you’ll start to notice it more and more: a replaced long “A” with an “AI”. (Ex: Kailee, Caiden, Jaida)Rule No. 9Another subtle spelling change I’ve seen is parents being creative with the “N” sound ending a name. (Ex: Paytyn, Peyten, Peytan)Rule No. 10It is this writer’s opinion that some subtle tweaks can make for really beautiful and unique names. But when parents go crazy combining a bunch of swaps in one name, things get murky. So if you’re thinking of a uniquely spelled name, pick 1 or 2 swaps and keep it simple. ;\)

#9315902 - 05/05/18 11:10 AM study post [Re: lonwaysafety]
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Woah, never really heard or thought about this. Thanks for sharing this with me and myassignment writing company friends who are about to be fathers ;\)
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