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#7705615 - 05/24/14 12:38 PM Crankshaft pulley fell off while driving!!!
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I was driving my car when suddenly I heard a weird sound coming from the engine bay. As I was pulling over to the side, I felt a thud and I saw the crank shaft pulley fly off!

I couldn't believe my eyes, how does a crankshaft pulley just come off. Was the bolt loose? The timing belt was changed a couple of years back, its not like the bolt was recently opened or anything.

Anyway, the car did not stall I just picked up the pulley removed the drive belts and drove back home. Couldn't find the pulley bolt.

When I reached home, I realized how close I came to ruining the engine. The pulley is the only thing that holds, the timing cam in place and I was extremely lucky it didn't fall off while I continued driving.

I inspected the pulley, there is a notch in the pulley that has taken a slight beating, and the splines on the pulley look worn. I took some pics, it was dark so things are not very clear. I also inspected the part from where the pulley came off. The outer part of the thread seems stripped, the inner looks ok. But there is a broken bolt stuck in there.

From what it seems to me, I need to get the broken bolt out and I need a new pulley and bolt and all will be good. I hope so. Any ideas how to get the broken bolt out?

Now the second thing that is bothering me is that the CEL came on the day before this incident and it stayed on. I've had this car for more than 10 years, the CEL has never been on before. Anyway, I disconnected the battery for 30 seconds, but it did not go away. I thought I would get it checked on Monday. I continued driving with the CEL on all the time. Could the two incidents be related in any way? I can't seem to make a connection.

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#7712313 - 05/29/14 10:03 PM Re: Crankshaft pulley fell off while driving!!! [Re: whiteangel]
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The bolt could have fatigued and finally broke. I've seen it happen a couple different times already. Sometimes without any warning.

CEL and pulley falling off could be a coincidence but you didn't really know what code the CEL was for first. If it was a crank position sensor then it was likely the pulley was about to fall off and everything was backing out. If it was something like an o2 sensor then it was just wasn't related.

I think extracting the piece will be a pain. I literally had one car where I pushed my thumb onto the broken bolt and turned the broken piece out. I had others that trashed the crank and wouldn't come out.
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#7712483 - 05/29/14 11:43 PM Re: Crankshaft pulley fell off while driving!!! [Re: 4doorEG]
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I got the car back yesterday, the crankshaft pulley was replaced along with the woodruff key and bolt and new drive belts.

They drilled into the broken bolt and managed to get it out using a reverse threaded bolt. The CEL was due to an IAT sensor. It went away after the sensor was cleaned.

Luckily the job went smoothly, it could easily have turned out much worse. Quite relieved to have the car back on the road.
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