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#292235 - 06/24/06 12:35 PM ClubSi For Sale Forum Rules. *READ BEFORE POSTING HERE !!!*
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ClubSi Vehicle For Sale Forum Rules!

1. No Newbie sellers, some exceptions can be made on a case by case basis, contact me first please. You must have a minimum of 50 post to Sell/Trade item(s) on Clubsi, you can post want to buy threads (WTB), but you are not allowed to sell/trade anything. First time the post will be locked w/o warning. If you attempt again w/o contacting me w/an explanation (such as account issue/reset/etc) OR do not actively participate in our forums, you will be banned. Also, if you post whore just to up your post count to 50, your account will be deleted from clubsi. Members have voted --> here to debate the minimum 50 posts rule. The polls are still open, cast your vote as well.
2. All post will be abbreviated with the posts intention (i.e.: For Sale Threads need to start with FS: , Want to buy threads will start with WTB: , Want to trade threads Need to start with WTT:)
3. At the end of every thread, abbreviate your state in the title a 2 letter abbreviation will suffice.(i.e.: FS: Your moms underwear(TX) )
4. No Auction Linking, If you want to sell your items to clubsi members then sell it to them, don't make them bid on your item to do so.
5. You must include your email in a for sale thread.
6. PICTURES are a must. You can't expect anyone to buy a car they cannot see. No Pics, NO Thread. Please size them no larger than 800x600. If you post links to pics, make sure we do not need to register to view them. If you need a place to host pics please use Napalm's Sever. Login: clubsi Password: photos . FYI - Imageshack does NOT allow posting to CSI.
7. You may not have multiple post of the same type. (You are allowed 1 for sale thread, 1 want to buy thread, and 1 want to trade thread simultaneously).
8. No testing waters posts. It's either for sale or it's not. Don't waste our time.
9. If you aren't interested in buying/selling/trading then DO NOT POST. The post will be deleted immediately w/o warning. Second time will result in banning at our discretion.
10. If you are not the person selling the items, DO NOT POST. If you choose to disobey this rule, then don't mention it in the post, but YOU better be ready to answer pm's & emails.
11. No Price, No thread, No exceptions.
12. Moderators are Privileged to a Sticky Thread for Thirty (30) Days upon pm'ing me.
13. A fine example of what a 4 Sale thread should look like can be found here.
14. NO SPAMMING, we don't care about your shoes for sale or your detailing business that you run out of your moms house.
15. If I have locked a post of yours and you feel it was incorrect, I welcome pm's. However, I do ask you contact me using proper grammar and English. If you choose to disobey these rules and start an arguing contest you will be banned, no exceptions and or warning.

Any questions, just ask.

Thanks & Happy Selling.

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#292236 - 08/17/06 01:59 PM Re: ClubSi For Sale Forum Rules! READ BEFORE POSTING HERE
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Thanks, Adam. Been pretty busy lately with school.

You guys can also PM me if you have any questions, though I'm sure Adam will reply faster :P

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