So I had a 1987 Si and crashed it, later on I bought a 2000 Milano Red and traded it for a 2002 RSX-S and it's been a few cars that I have traded and sold now owning a 2010 FJ Cruiser, don't ask. As you have figured it out (those whom have paid attention during Math class) that I'm no kid but now looking to trade down to a vehicle that will give me better gas mileage and the GTI is way too small for me (not fat just a bodybuilder with shoulders issues) So has anyone owned a 2012 SI and have not done anything to it that is happy with it and will keep it as is ...I had a 2k Si w/ more mods than I care to list as back the the F&F was a in.
I want a Si fully loaded ..thanks for reading.."kids"

HEK aka Hector
Speed safely........ Pics of Moco II Pics of Chula