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#4114393 - 09/26/09 08:16 AM DIY Ground Kit
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Ground Wire Kit Installation Instructions for Honda Civic 1996-2000 1.6L

Tools Needed
10mm Wrench, 10mm, 11mm socket and ratchet + extensions. 13mm wrench, 15mm wrench.
Six 4 gauge wires – On 10mm Bolt and washer - One Battery Terminal

1) Open Hood – The original battery terminal and cable should be on the left side of the battery as you face the front of the car. The terminal nearest to the passenger side. Take your 10mm wrench and loosen the nut on the terminal.

2) Follow the short original ground wire from the terminal to the bolt that holds it to the body in front of the battery. Remove that bolt with your 10mm socket and ratchet….once off – remove the Battery terminal and wire as one piece.

3) There should be a new battery terminal and 2 wires attached to it, with 2 other wires wrapped around a 10mm bolt with a nut holding the 3 wires to the bolt…remove the nut and discard. Slide the new battery terminal over the battery post, and then screw the new bolt to the body where the original bolt came out. When installed it should look like this:

NOTE: If you have any other wires attached to the original terminal, strip the ends and insert the ends into the new terminal, loosen the 2 bolts and squish the wires between the plate and the terminal body.

4) Leaving all the wires and that bolt loose, run the other wire that is attached to the battery terminal over to the throttle body – The throttle body has a large bolt that faces the passenger side of the car next to where the intake tube comes in. Remove that bolt and put the other end of that wire over it. Re-install the bolt and tighten.

5) Now take the shorter of the 2 wires that attaches to the bolt by the battery – and run it to the distributor. This is on the left side of the engine. There is a large nut on the front side of the ignition distributor but behind the black box of the distributor cap, this is where this wire attaches. Remove the nut, attach the wire, and re-tighten.

6)The last loose wire connected to the bolt by the battery gets run under the intake tube and to the transmission. There is a bolt on top of the transmission, see picture for location.

7)There may be a stock ground wire that runs from this bolt to the body under the intake on the frame rail. This is the hardest wire to locate and replace. You may need to remove your airbox top and intake tube to get to it. Replace that wire with the longest of the last 2 wires remaining.

8) The last wire is used to replace the factory one that goes from the power steering pump (or the valve cover depending on year) to the radiator support. This wire is located at the front of the car on the driver’s side. Just replace this wire with the last remaining wire in the kit.

9) Once all your wires are run and routed the way you would like..tighten the body bolt in front of the battery with the 3 terminals on it. DO NOT overtighten or you could strip the threads. Then make sure to tighten the new battery terminal down securely. (Use 11mm socket for the Terminal Bolts). Check all your connections to make sure they are secure and tight. You are done!

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#4132744 - 10/02/09 10:27 PM Re: DIY Ground Kit [Re: RVelasc0]
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Nice write-up. Looks like this was on your previous SOHC motor?
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#4139584 - 10/06/09 06:26 AM Re: DIY Ground Kit [Re: ]
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What do the 4th and 6th pictures pretty clearly show?
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#7842492 - 08/31/14 08:22 PM Re: DIY Ground Kit [Re: RVelasc0]
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