Mugen Style Rear Valences

I'm proud to present Mugen Style Rear Valences to the 99-00 Civic EK/EM1/EJ1 market. Originally made by Mugen for their famous Mugen Ferio Civic Four Door; We've been able to get our hands on an authentic set and replicated it with high grade fibre glass.The valences give the vehicle a lower look especially in the rear for the high rear bumper the coupes and four dours always possess. This lip kit is perfect for those running a JDM Exhaust which usually sits higher and closer to the bumper then others such as Mugen Twin Loop, Spoon N1, T1R etc. Others who would love to run these valences over a rear lip would be those who are running forced induction applications and have larger exhausts which require more clearance from the rear bumper. Theres no need to sacrifice good looks for power anymore with the introduction of the Mugen style Rear Valences.

Please Note : For all 96-98 Coupes & Four Doors don't be disappointed I have a hookup to aftermarket 99-00 OEM bumpers for cheap.

Examples on some cars:

Exact on OEM 99-00 Rear 4DR / Coupe Bumper Fit Ment


1999-2000 Civic Coupe $160
1999-2000 Civic 4 Dour $160
1996-1998 Civic Coupe $220 w/ 99-00 aftermarket bumper
1996-1998 Civic 4 Dour $220 w/99-00 aftermarket bumper

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