ClubSi For Sale Forum Guidelines– Read and Heed!

1). No “Newbie” Sellers
Sellers are required to have fifty (50) posts before selling items in the For Sale forum. Users with less than fifty posts may create Wanted To Buy (WTB) threads.

2). Abbreviation of the Threads Intent in the Title
Posters will have the abbreviation of the intent of their threads. The accepted abbreviations are as follows; FS (For Sale), WTB (Wanted To Buy), WTT (Wanted To Trade).

3). State Abbreviations in the Title
The state of the items location must be placed in the threads titles. Please use the states two letter postal abbreviation.

4). No Auction Linking
If you want to sell to the ClubSi community, sell to them. Do not make them compete with outside buyers in a large scale public auction.

5). One Form of Contact Must be Listed
List one form of contact in your post, it can be an email address, instant messenger screen name, etc.

6). Ten (10) Bump Limit
You are limited to ten (10) bumps for your thread. Anything past that PM a moderator to have the thread deleted and create a new thread.

7). No Multiple (Same Intent) Threads
Place all your items in one common thread. At any given time you may have one of each type of intent, not more than one of any intent type.

8). No Vehicles For Sale
ClubSi has a “For Sale - Cars Only” section. This is where your vehicle threads should be placed.

9). Moderators are Privileged to a Sticky Thread for Thirty (30) Days
Moderators will have their threads made sticky for thirty (30) days.