Well it was my first time ever at a Drag stip, i went to Sac Raceway and here two of my slips, so could you help me find out what i can do to get a little better time, my goal is a 14.9. I know practice might be what i need but i would like help so i can use it as a short cut to hit my goal of 14s faster, heres a video of me going slow, Racing 2 Civics with GSRs and an SRT-4

Need advise for
launch RPM
PSI tire pressure for Falken 615R 205/15/50
Advice in general

I did have more than half a tank of gas could that be the problem? I drove the car for 1:30 mins from my house to the track, Maybe to hot?

Got my car tuned with Hondata S300 making 153WHP and 108 Tq using the OEM original first clutch that came with the car, car has 41k miles, I want to buy an ACT clutch, since i dont feel the same grip of when my car had 18k miles you think that may help?

My average time
Tire PSI @ 30
2.503 - 60'
6.737 - 330'
10.212 - 1/8
70.267 - MPH
13.185 - 1000'
15.702 - 1/4
88.757 - MPH

Best time
Tire PSI @ 25
2.406 - 60'
6.599 - 330'
10.070 - 1/8
70.134 - MPH
13.037 - 1000'
15.543 - 1/4
89.309 - MPH

Well thanks any advice will be appreciated

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