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#2288092 - 02/02/08 09:06 PM 3 BOV's wtf for ??
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First off sorry no pics...I just got back from the Philly Auto show and In their "tuner salon " section there was a blue 92-95 turbo hatch with 3 bov's I missing something here b/c it just seems like the biggest waste of money with no purpose. I mean to each their own but somebody school me if theres something i didn't read about. b18c5, vert doors,autozone tower bar,fiberglass interior molded tailgate can't miss it, before the grand ballroom
#2288282 - 02/02/08 10:57 PM Re: 3 BOV's wtf for ?? [Re: Si GUY99]
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where were they located?? it was probably just for show considering it was a show car, or maybe they make a cool sound when the all go off??
#2288300 - 02/02/08 11:01 PM Re: 3 BOV's wtf for ?? [Re: DTL_83]
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If they are in line, like one behind the other on the charge pipe, then only the first one should make a sound. All three would have to be on the same part of the pipe on different areas of the circumference for all three to stand a chance of opening simultaneously, if im understanding the functionality of the BOV correctly.
#2288502 - 02/03/08 12:57 AM Re: 3 BOV's wtf for ?? [Re: trench301]
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I have seen dual bov's before. They were hks ssqv's. Owner of the guy who tunes my car. He said one wouldn't relieve enough pressure, so they used

The car was making 800whp..

Never really looked into it, to be honest. Just took his word.

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#2288599 - 02/03/08 02:20 AM Re: 3 BOV's wtf for ?? [Re: SiAdam]
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show cars 'eh

#3261710 - 12/03/08 04:31 AM Re: 3 BOV's wtf for ?? [Re: cua0]
ZIGZAG Offline

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i need 2 bovs asap!! \:D
#3266877 - 12/04/08 03:30 PM Re: 3 BOV's wtf for ?? [Re: ZIGZAG]
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fuck that i want my entire charge pipe lined up with BOVs
#3268109 - 12/04/08 09:26 PM Re: 3 BOV's wtf for ?? [Re: tony tone]
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we have two on the mustang, its was cheaper than willards clamping the piping to the throttle body lol.

lots of air moving in a 3 inch pipe when you snap a 75mm throttle shut at 600rwhp levels
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#9185065 - 11/13/17 05:15 AM Re: 3 BOV's wtf for ?? [Re: ]
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