jdm master
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04/04/10 07:10 PM
Can my paint be saved??????

I had some odd fingerprints on my truck when I bought it, they almost appeared as a chemical burn in the clearcoat from chemicals, I used a rubbing compound to try to get them out, and now where I compounded looks dull, did I screw the pooch on my paint? or can it be saved? any advice and help is greatly appreciated!

11/04/11 07:35 AM
Re: Can my paint be saved??????

When the cover slaps around it will move the dust on your car and scratch the paint surface. Usually this should be enough to give the paint the new and shiny feel you sensed when you first bought the car. The next step after washing your car is to wax.

03/28/12 07:05 PM
Re: Can my paint be saved??????

Try polishing it with a less abrasive compound. If you just hazed up your clearcoat, it usually is still thick enough to be polished out. As a matter of fact, there are some Meguiars (professional line) polishes that when used actually leave the clear coat hazy, because they aren't a final polish.

Give it a shot with a less aggressive pad/compound.