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04/07/05 05:11 PM
SVA for sale thread

OK, how about this.... I know most of us have crap that doesn't belong in other parts of clubsi that we want to sell. So now, if you want to post something for sale to other SVA members, use this thread. If you're interested in item for sale, PM only, don't reply in this thread to the poster. Post prices if possible

One more rule: must be car parts/related only. No PS2, xbox, clothes, used prophylactics, or NOHC's drunk uncle sex videos, etc may be sold

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04/07/05 05:17 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

I'll start. Any 1st gen Neon guys interested in a mopar dohc ecu? Interested in trading mine off my '99 r/t for some cash + stock r/t ecu.

(Post Master Supreme)
04/07/05 05:20 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

Stock X-pipe w/cats.

Stock 03 LS6 cam and springs.

Stock rotors and super dust every three seconds-pads.

Thunder racing 227/224 Cam, 114 LSA, new in box, never installed.

(Post Master Sr)
04/07/05 06:43 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread


I'll start. Any 1st gen Neon guys interested in a mopar dohc ecu? Interested in trading mine off my '99 r/t for some cash + stock r/t ecu.

I'd take it, but I'm a cheap bastard.

$100 + Stocker?

(Post Master Supreme)
04/07/05 07:05 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread


If you're interested in item for sale, PM only, don't reply in this thread to the poster

(Post Master Sr)
04/07/05 07:18 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

1989 Saleen with a boatload of modifications. PM me if you are interested. If you are looking for a budget fox mustang this car is not for you. I'm asking less than half of what I've put into it.

(Post Master Jr)
04/07/05 11:53 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

1988 Mazda RX-7 Turbo II for sale. Asking 3,500 located in fort worth, texas

allan r
(Post Master Supreme)
04/08/05 08:07 AM
Re: SVA for sale thread

<checks car lot inventory>


Actually i do still have my stock spec-v springs in my basement, if anyone wants them make an offer.

(Post Master Supreme)
04/08/05 09:35 AM
Re: SVA for sale thread

Stock SRT ECU, injectors (Stage 1 / 04 injectors), stock shifter, stock downpipe.

(Sr Member)
04/08/05 09:47 AM
Re: SVA for sale thread

Stock 03 EVO turbine housing 9.8cm^2
Stock evo springs.

(Post Master)
04/08/05 10:48 AM
Re: SVA for sale thread

1995 Neon ACR Coupe.

3000 obo.

(Post Master Jr)
04/08/05 11:15 AM
Re: SVA for sale thread

02-05 SER/SER Spec V AEM CAI $70+ shipping

(Post Master Supreme)
04/08/05 02:03 PM
T25 o2 sensor housing


(Post Master)
04/08/05 03:27 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

*edit* no longer for sale.

(Post Master Supreme)
04/08/05 03:35 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

1993 G20 for sale.....see sig for details.
2002 Frontier for sale.....see sig for details.

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04/08/05 04:01 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

1998 QX-4, 108k miles. $9500 I've never touched only serviced by professionals. Quick before my wife gets back from a bus.trip.

2001 330i 4-dr sports/premium package steptronic. 52k miles, only serviced by professionals but I did do the thermostat (CEL triggered) and the overflow tank (epoxied) recently. Also added underdrives and the sports suspension takeoff coilovers and rear springs/shocks from a '03 330ci w/5k miles on them. Had a 'performance' 2 wheel alignment performed.
$20k obo, hurry before she gets back

oh and WTB: FFR cobra kit car, kthksbye

(Post Master Sr)
04/08/05 04:04 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

move along now chaps, nothing to see here, carry on.

(Post Master Supreme)
04/08/05 05:42 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

Selling it already? I thought you searched high and low for that car?
Anydangway... 1996 GSR swaybar (14mm), comes with endlinks + bolts, d-brackets and bushings. $75 + shipping.

NOT spotch...
(Post Master Supreme)
04/08/05 10:49 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

Set of 14"x6" alloys that were on the neon for about 5 months. 5x100 and I think the offset is around 37~ Ordered with azenis mounted from, can be seen here.

Weight according to a email is approx 14 pounds each.

Probably a 9 on a scale from 1-10 only because theres a miniscule scratch on one of the wheels that was there when I got them but you'd never see it unless you were really looking at it, I know because those kinds of things usually drive me nuts. There is some rubbing INSIDE the lugnut holes from using the wrench but again, impossible to see because the lugnuts fill the holes.

Pix of them mounted here::

As I said they come with azenis mounted, 2 with probably 30% tread left, 2 with about 80% tread left.

New this set costs around $500 dollars shipped, asking $200 + shipping since I only had them about 5 months. I can throw in my set of lugnuts that I had to buy from summit for 10$ or so (cost me around 20 shipped from them). If your anywhere in or near the SE I could probably drive a little ways to met you with them or something.

(Post Master Supreme)
04/08/05 11:15 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

03 WRX Front Seats from my car.
They have 31k mi. on them but they're very clean. No spills EVER ! Perfect for GT4

$200 obo

Pickup in Hayward, CA @ Gruppe-S only.

(Post Master Sr)
04/10/05 12:14 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

S2000 wheels with Victoracers.

Up for auction on eBay... link.

(Post Master Sr)
04/10/05 07:32 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

95 Talon Tsi AWD 103k looking for $4500

Located in North Florida. Has some bolt-ons. Needs headliner.

(Post Master Sr)
04/11/05 11:05 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

Koni Sports (yellows). externally adjustable. purchased in 98-99 from for roughly $150/ea. fits '89-91 CRX and who knows what else.

They are ots valving, never been rebuilt/revalved. One shock HAS blown (oil as leaking from the adjustment valve). the other is still in good condition. I recommend rebuilding/revalving them both to your specs (koni will do it for roughly 150/ to CRX Lee)

Picture 1
Picture 2 of oil

$100obo for BOTH + shipping (includes one adjuster knob)

Or you could buy new shocks for $140-$150/ea, then spend the $300 to have them rebuilt... or just buy my used ones, have them rebuilt and save yourself $200.

I'm in Las Vegas, 89110. shipping to cali is roughly $10-$20. New York is anywhere from $20-$30.

PM if you're interested

(Post Master Sr)
04/11/05 11:08 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

oh, got some lowering springs for a Solara for sale too, make offer other than Free.

it looks lower than it is, due to the bulbous tires. it actually dropped like 2" in the front and 2.25" in the rear.

they are some no-name springs. just looking to get rid of them.

(Post Master)
04/14/05 04:01 PM

65-70 Mustang Coupe, can be a full running car or rolling chassis.
Looking to spend no more than $5000.
Preferably around the midwest but if it's a real good deal I could think about a long trip.
You can PM or send an email to me at

(Post Master)
04/14/05 04:16 PM

Sold the turbo already, so:

Comp. Engineering 8pt cage, all tubes notched for easy weld in installation $150

Misc. nitrous parts, ZEX bottle and older 10,000RPM bottle, 2 lines, 3 power shot solenoids, one cheater solenoid (300hp) and a bunch of fittings etc etc... $150

My car is also up for sale:

Systemax H/C/I, Ground Pounder tubular K and A arms, BBK SFC's with seat support bracket, MAC LT's w/ catless H pipe, Tremec 3550 transmission, new centerforce dual friction clutch with about 600 miles and one trip to the strip, FMS alum. driveshaft, CSi electric water pump, BeCool alum. radiator, elec. fan, FMS all steel SFI crank balancer, BBK upper and lower rear control arms and a bunch of other stuff I cant think of right now. Paint is in good condition except for the key mark on passenger side, interior is very clean. Car has gone a best on the motor when it had the stock water pump and a blown HG of 12.201 @ 110mph and 12.90 on a normal, budget radial tire, full weight with half a tank of gas. Its about 3/10 and 3mph faster since that trip.

Asking $6500 OBO

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04/19/05 06:40 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread *DELETED*

Post deleted by jbmayes2000

(Retard 101 Flunkie)
04/20/05 08:44 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

KA24DE motorset + tranny + wiring + ECU, etc - make offer, local pickup only
Rear Z32 calipers. Loaded, comes with rebuild kit - $100
SR20DET 3" stainless steel downpipe - $80
OBX S14 3" catback - $200

(Post Master Sr)
04/25/05 09:00 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

I have a set of 2001+ Camaro SS 10-Spoke 17" x 9 Wheels. They have 275/40/17 Nitto NT-555RII's with 60% tread on all 4 corners. Local pickup or I can meet you in or around Houston. I'm selling the set for $600. All wheels are in excellent condition with the exception of one chip on one wheel, shown in picture:

More Pictures:

PM me or e-mail me at if you have any more questions.
Thanks for looking!

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04/29/05 10:50 AM
Re: SVA for sale thread

18x7.5 Kosei K1-TS with 225/40 Kumho MX. Paid 1800$ shipped. Will sell for 1100 shipped. They have been used for about 1500 miles. I noticed 2 small chips on one wheel. Easily fixeable with touch up paint though. definately lightweight for 18" wheels at 16lbs.


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05/02/05 11:06 AM
Re: SVA for sale thread

50$ Gift card to Harbor freight............... 40$ shipped.

(Post Master Sr)
05/05/05 08:32 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

Stock Evo intercooler $300
Evo Buschur muffler delete pipe $75

Adam G
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05/07/05 10:24 AM
Re: SVA for sale thread


oh and WTB: FFR cobra kit car, kthksbye

Did you IM him or what?

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05/09/05 01:38 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

I'm just going to buy one and force my brother to do 1/2 the labor.

It will be in 'played out' blue w/white stripe btw and not "racy red or whatever w/white stripe'

05/11/05 12:37 AM
Re: SVA for sale thread

I have a set of 96-00 Skunk2 Coilovers I'm gettin rid of. Also have 1 set of intake and exhaust camshafts from the stock b16a2 motor. PM me with offers I can send pics for serious buyers.

(Post Master Supreme)
06/14/05 01:10 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

Anyone need an sr20de block for free? Thrown rod, be a nice rebuild for boost.

(Post Master Sr)
06/14/05 01:51 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

new price for wheel/tire combo, $500, see above!

(Post Master Supreme)
06/20/05 04:11 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

Impulsive's motor mount inserts for the 02-03 Spec V. Still in the original box he shipped them to me in three years ago Never did install them, and my douchebag ex traded his car.

(Post Master Supreme)
07/08/05 04:05 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

I'm looking for a stock SRT4 clutch. Used but not abused. If any of you guys have one laying around after upgrading let me know.

(Post Master Supreme)
07/14/05 05:56 AM
Possibly FS: 96 GSR Sedan, 110kmiles, NY, modded, $6k


(Post Master Sr)
07/25/05 03:48 PM
Re: Possibly FS: 96 GSR Sedan, 110kmiles, NY, modded, $6k

Neuspeed front STB for 96-00 civic - like new $40
Lanzar Vibe 800w 2 channel amp - $40
Rockford Fosgate 8in Punch, brand new, $30

94 Del Sol Si - 90k, motor has rod knock, front right caliper sticks (needs rebuild), front left fender has a dent and piece of paint the size of a playing card taken off from parking lot....and the horn doesnt work

Aside from the things listed, the interior is in good condition and the body is straight with some normal 12 year blemishes. Need to sell the car.... Great canidate for a project!! If you are gonna swap the motor, brakes, body kit etc, this car is FOR YOU!!! haha please buy

Asking $2,000

(Post Master Supreme)
07/28/05 11:19 AM
Re: Possibly FS: 96 GSR Sedan, 110kmiles, NY, modded, $6k


Neuspeed front STB for 96-00 civic - like new $40
Lanzar Vibe 800w 2 channel amp - $40
Rockford Fosgate 8in Punch, brand new, $30

pm'd bout the stb and what other info for the sub do you have (interested so i can replace my shitty one)??

and here's my stuff for sale and wtb:

*99-00 si front sway bar no end links - $35
*99-00 si front strut tower bar (mint) - $35
*96-98 oem headlights (will wetsand before shipping to make perfectly clear, all the brackets there with oem bulbs) - $50

*96-98 GBP stock front grill - $15

*96 civic dx front seats (good condition) - just make an offer these things need to get gone...

*stock 96 dx suspension (struts, springs, front lower arms, front forks, front UCAs, rear lcas, and rear drums) - seriously like $20 or so I just feel bad throwing perfectly good stuff out
*96-98 ctr front grill black abs plastic knockoff - $5

(Post Master Supreme)
07/28/05 07:48 PM
Re: Possibly FS: 96 GSR Sedan, 110kmiles, NY, modded, $6k

Friend's WRX for sale. Cheap, 13k, mildly modded

I've been in it, it runs very well, and he's a gearhead who maintains his vehicles well. It's in San Diego. It still has extended transferrable warranty on it too

E. Norma Stitz
(Post Master Supreme)
08/03/05 06:07 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

Edelbrock Intake Manifold for a carbed 5.0- Victor Series used 50 bucks

Professional Products 70mm throttle body brand new 100 bucks

Both are cheap ass fuck as my 04 Cobra motor can't benefit them and my GF will kill me if I don't get them out of the living room soon.

(Post Master Supreme)
08/11/05 07:57 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

my massive for sale thread:

like new 96-98 jdm ctr front grill GBP - $100
like new (98% tread, I used them once. only prob is the sticker is pealing a little off of two of them) gunmetal buddy club p1 racing wheels with 205/55/15 falken ziex tires - $525
brand new black gorilla locking lug nuts - $35
gsr rear disc conversion (includes si master cylinder, si brake booster, si parking brake cables and soft brake lines) - $275
brand new blue megan racing lower control arms - $85
brand new 96-00 asr rear sway kit w/ endlinks - $320
brand new omnipower camber kit with rear shims - $125
si front forks - $40
si front stb - $20
si front lower arms with bushings and freshly painted flat black - $75
brand new hardware to mount full front suspension + end links - $75
2 - si front sway bars (1 freshly painted flat black, other original paint) - $25 for one, $15 for the other
brand new koni yellow shocks - $450
brand new custom rate ground control coilovers (380f/300r) - $300
fake me out 96-96 ctr grill - $5
96-98 oem headlights w/ bulb, just wetsanded and polished - $60
22mm oem sway bar bushings - $10
dark blue del sol seats in almost perfect condition - $200
black autometer 3" tachometer - $40

kustom bass amp, 40 watts, good condition - $40
like new bushnell nightvision w/ carrying case - $80
toshiba dvd player w/ remote, works fine - $10
ti-89 calculator - like new w/ batteries - $80
some old dolby surround amp - $10

allan r
(Post Master Supreme)
08/16/05 11:20 AM
Re: SVA for sale thread


(Post Master Sr)
08/17/05 07:17 AM
Re: SVA for sale thread

Two XR's for sale

(Post Master Jr)
08/19/05 05:27 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

Posting this up for a friend. If you are interested just email him at the address listed and just tell him you saw it on Club Si (gets me money if I find someone to buy the car )

It's a white 98 with 99k on the odometer and honestly, if you drove it or looked at it, you wouldn't be able to tell. I've won four trophies with this car. It has been very well taken care of.

Asking price $10,500 OBO

Mods are as follows, and I'm sure I'll forget some of them:

Suspension: (All Steeda except the shocks/struts which are Tokico blues_
Springs, C/C plates, strut tower brace, g-trac bar, lowers, uppers, adj. rear swaybar, sub frame connectors with cross brace and Tokico shocks/struts

Engine: Steeda Under drive pullies, Steeda timing adjustor, C&L 80mm MAF with upper piece to the throttle body, Accel 300+ race wires

Exhaust: Mac o/r H pipe, 2 chamber flowmasters

Drivetrain: New tremec t-45 at 36000 miles, B&M Ripper shifter, FMS aluminum driveshaft

Appearance: AUTHENTIC Saleen white 18" wheels, Saleen s-281 spoiler, Cervinis Cobra R hood, smoked headlights, miscelaneous billet pieces in the interior including Steeda gripper shift knob

That for the most part runs it down, I may or may have not forgotten something. There is honestly so much done to this thing that I have lost track. I also have a Ford Racing monster tach not installed and a rear seat delete. This car has been babied for as long as I have owned it. It has won trophies in 4 out of 4 car shows and has always been ran with synthetic fluids. Right now it has Royal Purple in the rear end and transmission and Mobile 1 in the engine.

Any other questions? Feel free to e-mail:

He should be getting better pics uploaded later once he gets internet at his new house.

allan r
(Post Master Supreme)
08/19/05 08:33 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread


allan r
(Post Master Supreme)
08/19/05 09:38 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

FOR SALE: 2 Kumho 711 205/50/15 tires

The Kumhos are almost new, with less than 1K miles on them. 205/50/15. $75 shipped. PM me if interested

(Post Master Sr)
08/25/05 01:14 AM
1998 Hyundai Accent L, good beater/local autocrosser

Not that anyone but me would actually want it, but my Accent is tenatively up for sale. Right now all it really needs is new struts (koni's are available, get the ones for the 00-04 tiburons since on those the front and rear are externally adjustable and cheaper and fit), tag lights installed as the current ones are burned out (new ones in the glovebox, just been lazy), and there is a small starburst crack in the windshield (passenger side, smaller around than a quarter, I passed state inspection w/ it). No power steering, not that it needs it, and No a/c, which wouldnt be bad to have. Can definitely be a competitive FSP car at the local and maybe regional level, possibly national level if you get better tires and build it out to the rulebook. Currently has ~115k miles and runs like a top. Does not burn oil or leak fluids, oil changes every 3k miles or less since I bought it, new plugs/wires (magnecors+autolites), new air filter, new coil pack, brakes are only 10k old, new brake fluid (ATE Super Blue), and the car gets 32-38mpg.

Car is a 1998 Hyundai Accent L, black with:
- 2.25" custom cat-back
- KVR Slotted Rotors, KVR pads, Goodrich Stainless Braided brake lines
- Eibach Lowering springs, Whiteline 3-way Adjustable rear sway bar, Whiteline Front and Rear strut bars, Ingalls camber kit (front and rear)
- cut stock shifter for a "short" shifter (really not too bad)
- Schrothe Rallye 4pt harness (might keep it)
- stock 13x4.5" steelies with 155/80/13 Kuhmo tires w/ 75% of tread left

I have two sets of race tires.
1) 13x5.5 Enkei panasport replicas, 205/60/13 Yokohama AO48R tires with I'd say 50% tread left. Good all-purpose R comp, good in the wet, heats up quick, good enough for a road course. OE tire on the Lotus Elise. DO NOT RUB AT ALL.

2) 13x7 Rota's with 225/50/13 Hoosier R3S04's, about 75% tread left, sticks out of the fenders by about an inch but no rubbing that I detected while lowered after 1 event.

For $1200 I'd let it go as is, $1600 includes one of the two sets of race tires with it. For $2000 I'd include both sets of race wheels. I can return most of the mods to stock, but it will take some time. I will also include the stock springs if you wish to go back to stock ride height, and can have a quiet muffler installed if so desired.

PM me or contact me through the various means listed in my profile.


In action

The Rotas and Hoosiers

The enkei's and Yokohama's (pic before lowering)


engine bay

Trades considered...

(Post Master Supreme)
08/25/05 02:31 PM
Re: 1998 Hyundai Accent L, good beater/local autocrosser

edit: lotaly fd has been solded

(Post Master Supreme)
08/25/05 07:03 PM
Re: 1998 Hyundai Accent L, good beater/local autocrosser

*sells off body organs to the black market* so how much is he asking

(Post Master Supreme)
08/25/05 08:02 PM
Re: 1998 Hyundai Accent L, good beater/local autocrosser

email him and find out?

(Post Master Supreme)
08/25/05 10:52 PM
Re: 1998 Hyundai Accent L, good beater/local autocrosser

OK, FD info:

Info: 93 rx7 R1 model, 70k miles. salvage title due to theft (I have a carfax for it too). PM me for friend's phone #

more pics here:


Bad stuff:

- A/C doesn't work. All the pieces are there, though.
- Will need tires soon. Plenty of tread, but they're old and starting to dry rot.
- Nose is wavy. Urethane nose got hot and sagged. Apparently a common thing with those cars in hotter climates.
- Salvage title due to being a theft recovery. You pulled a Carfax report for me, and this is reflected there.
- Some interior cracking. Not bad for a 12 year old car, but it's still something that people need to know about.
- Worn bushings holding the differential to the subframe. Clunks when shifting.
- Boost is turned down (more on this in a minute).
- Stock exhaust is on the car but has a small hole in it.
- No cruise control. This is due to the car being an R1 model.

Good stuff:

- Car was inspected at Rotary Performance ( and came back with a clean bill of health. They were particularly impressed with the compression numbers, and thought that the motor had been rebuilt at some point.
- Petit Racing air intake. Apparently, those cars run into boost control problems if there are changes made to both the intake and the exhaust systems. Rotary Performance told me that they thought that the wastegate line has a "pill" in it to turn the boost down in preparation for exhaust mods.
- Fluidyne radiator.
- Metal air seperation tank.
- Brembo slotted/crossdrilled rotors (~300 miles on them)

All in all, the car is in pretty good shape, both mechanically and cosmetically. I'd say that it's in especially good shape for a 12 year old car. I have the stock airbox if anyone wants it for emissions inspection. I'd take $10,500 for it.

(Post Master Sr)
08/25/05 11:33 PM
Re: 1998 Hyundai Accent L, good beater/local autocrosser

Oh fuck... *cleans up splooge and runs to the bank*

You got a PM.

(Post Master Supreme)
09/02/05 04:46 PM
2000 Ford Focus LX for sale *DELETED*

Post deleted by daisy

(Post Master Sr)
09/19/05 03:48 PM
Re: 2000 Ford Focus LX for sale

My DSM is for sale. Pictures will be posted later today. If anything posted here is confusing-let me know. I'll try and clean it up more today if I can. Right now I have 4 cars so Im hustling to get everything squared up.

1991 Eagle Talon TSi AWD Turbo.
122k miles- compression was tested like 4 months ago and all cylinders were within 5 psi of factory new compression. Ive used synthetic on it since I bought it. In fact-the whole car has synthetic oil. Everything including power steering fluid.

It's a 100% stock original motor from valvecover to oilpan. Everything has been done that needs to be done. It's got a fresh Mitsubishi t-belt,BS belt,etc. It's got a new Japanese water pump and every pulley and tensioner has been changed out to brand new Mitsubishi parts. It's got new parts and a freshly rebuilt alternator with new stator,brushes,etc-makes nearly 14 volts when I hook a meter directly to the alt. wire.

It's got an Evo 3 16G that's been ported on the exhaust side by Forced performance. It's got a brand new Evo manifold that I ported only on the turbo side.

Has a Road Race Engineering catch can. All vacuum and boost lines are silicone. Every coolant line has been replaced with new Mitsubishi parts. New Mits. coolant cap and thermostat.

Engine has a new MLS headgasket with ARP headstuds. I polished the combustion chambers and decarboned the pistons. That alone allowed me to run 17 PSI from 14 PSI on 91 pump gas. I have the RRE FMIC kit with all hardpiping from the TB to the fender. I also just bought all the necessary aluminized 2.5" mandrel bent tubing to redo everything short-routed. I got a deal on this tubing and I'd be willing to pass those parts to you for roughly my cost. Engine has a fresh o2 sensor,knock sensor and sensor for the coolant temp gauge on the dash. It's never overheated. Ive got a Fluidyne aluminum radiator in it now with the stock fans-which are preferrable to use over aftermarket stuff most of the time.

It has a Dejon Tool MBC that Ive used to hit 23 PSI on the stock 14B turbo when I had 100 pump gas in it and it's great. I have a pair of black 60mm Greddy peak/hold warning gauges (boost and EGT) in a carbon aircraft style pod on the dash. The warnings are functional and hooked up to a small speaker the size of a dime under the column.

Ive got an SAFC and the car's perfectly setup right now. Ive got a datalogger that a friend wants right now (if you want it we can work that into it) that has the digitaltuning software on it to log all parameters on the car that the ECU sees.

It's got a 2G MAF with the powder coated RRE intake pipe. It has a K&N on it.

The exhaust is 3" mandrel bent from the hot side of the turbo all the way to the back. It's got a very quiet but deep sound. It has stock appearing twin tips on it that are larger than stock but Ive yet to hear a person comment on my aftermarket exhaust.

This car runs with low 13 second cars from a roll. Im certain it's got a low 13 in it. I lost by a half car to an SS LS1 that runs consistent 13.0s,so Im confident. Still-I'll get a real number before I sell it because I want to be certain. It gets 23 MPG easy. If you drive freeway and do 55 or so being easy on the gas and stay out of boost (its hard-the car makes positive pressure at like 1800RPM in 5th gear) you can get 27-which Ive done before.
The suspension is Tein coilovers. I think it's the Super Street setup. It's double adjustable in rebound and compression. The ride is soft but if you hit something wicked like a pothole you will feel it. It's a short stroke suspension so it's the nature of the beast. This setup is upgradeable to run the EDFC kit. Ive already talked to the Tein guys about it. I was going to do it because being able to digitally adjust your suspension independently on the fly is pretty cool. It's got a Suspension Tech. rear swaybar with urethane bushings. Im running SSRs on it-17x8 that are forged and weigh 14 lbs. On those I have 245 Kumho MX. They work great.

I have stock rear discs and the twin piston late 1G upgrade with Metal Masters on it. I can lock the tires at 100MPH. The car has ABS and it works great although many pull the fuse for autocross/road race duty. The car handles great. The first autocross out with it I beat my buddy's C5 no problem. That was one run-he wasnt able to come close to the time I set throughout the day. The car's got capability in it and Im mad that I haven't seen the limits of it yet. I just got a really good deal on another car I couldnt pass up. If nothing else Id keep the DSM for at least a good 6 months to hit some more autocrosses and see what it can do.
The car has Rockford Fosgate,Blaupunkt and Polk Audio speakers in it. The interior is flawless for a car of this age. It's got a brand new headliner and the sunroof insert has been recovered to match. It even has the cargo security cover for under the hatch. Throughout my ownership of the car if I found a rattle Id trace it down and fix it. It's got all new fasteners on the interior panels because I bought the car with half the interior pulled apart.

The trans was rebuilt a year or so ago with Evo 2nd and 3rd gear dual synchros,new shift forks,all new Mitsu bearings and seals and a 4 spider diff. I had that installed because it was the biggest bang-buck upgrade I could do to make the tranny strong. 10 second cars have run these diffs without a hiccup.

Exterior-wise and cosmetically there's not alot to say. It's got the best factory body kit of the three cars (Talon Eclipse Laser),the windows are medium tinted with the good Lumar tint and the hatch is full dark. There are a very few small dents-maybe 3 on the car. There are scratches here and there but Im going to clean it up before it sells and it'll make a difference Im sure.

Ive got 11 thousand into it. I dont expect to get that back from it unless Im patient and find someone that's looking for exactly what Ive got and has the means. Knowing that and the fact that Im motivated means it goes cheaper. If it doesnt sell in the next month or two Im parting it out and putting it back to stock. The car's in fantastic shape,every single button,switch and original function works on it. AC PDL factory alarm,ABS intermitten front and back wipers (it's got the H4 upgraded Silverstar light conversion up front)....all that stuff works and the car doesnt leak a drop of oil or coolant-so there's no way I'll part the car out beyond putting it back to stock.

Ive got two deals worked out with two friends for $5k for the car. That's giving it away IMO- something to keep in mind.

Send me a PM or email me at removethistextfirst<

(Post Master)
09/26/05 03:26 AM
Re: SVA for sale thread

Selling my car, bought a truck no need for the car anymore lost interest

1991 Calypso green hatchback

About 120k miles on the car

Holley Systemax H/C/I, Holley TB and TB spacer

LT headers, catless H, dynamax bullet mufflers

Tremec 3550 transmission, FMS alum driveshaft, driveshaft safety loop (Req. to run 12.99 or quicker or on slicks) fairly new Centerforce dual friction clutch and surfaced flywheel 4.10 gears

Tubular K-member and A arms, x2c coil over kit with lakewood 90/10's up front with BBR upper and lower control arms out back on lakewood 50/50 shocks

CSI electric waterpump, March Racing machined alum alternator bracket (only accessory on the motor)

Lot more stuff Car has been 12.82 @ 110mph at LACR on normal radial tires (Non drag radials) easy low low 12's or high 11's on a slick if you can drive it like me guranteed 11's on motor at a good track on a slick

Car has a dry fogger kit on it used it for one race I had to win then disconnected it, stuff is still on the car if you wanna set it up and tune the shit

Call for more info (661)313-5981

Looking to get $5000 obo

Also have ZEX 10lb nitrous bottle, several power shot solenoids, one cheater solenoid (250+ hp capable), wet fogger nozzle, braided lines AN fittings, etc etc looking to get $200 for all of it

(Post Master Supreme)
09/27/05 01:26 PM
1991 Honda Accord EX for sale *DELETED*

Post deleted by daisy

(Post Master Supreme)
10/05/05 10:39 AM
Re: 1991 Honda Accord EX for sale

All pics here

Now, onto the info.

Bike: 2000 yzf600r, blue (obviously), yoshimura rs-3 slip on, LP blinkers, tinted screen, and Dunlop D208 tires. 16,337 miles at time of this writing (pics are 15 min old). clean title, $3,600

Story: I'm gauging interest in selling it, I've owned it 2 months and barely put 500 miles on it. I feel I lost the passion for riding on 2 wheels, so while I'm not in a hurry to sell it, I would like to see it go to someone that takes interest in Thundercats (hoooooooooooooooooooooo!)

I bought it from someone locally with about 15,8 on the clock. The bike was nice and clean with some small gouges in the fairings (see pics, I took close ups of the damage). They are not cracked, but it looks like they got gouged during a move or shipping by one of the previous owners. Great beginner bike for corner carving and long rides

Shifts nice and smooth, no 2nd or 6th gear synchro issues, clutch grabs well. Starts up and idles fine, runs like a champ.

What it needs:

-new front brake pads, and I have those that I'll throw in with the purchase

-oil change, and again, you're in luck, you'll get a gallon of yamalube 20w40 and a k&n oil filter

-brake fluid to be bled (it's starting to turn dark), and again, voila! I'll give you a bottle of belray DOT4 brake fluid.

-new rear tire. Currently has dunlop d208 160/60/17 that'll last maybe another 500 miles. I'd replace it soon.

What else do you get with the bike?

-a vinyl bike cover.
-an ONGUARD 3.5 foot link chain to lock it up to a post
-a Cheetah tinted windscreen (not pictured) that raises about 4-5"
-4 NGK spark plugs
-belray chain lube

(Post Master Supreme)
10/10/05 11:58 PM
Buy my GF's car assholes!

Tornado Red
2.0 16v
Factory Recaro Seats
150k Miles
Power Windows
Air Conditioning
short shift kit
H4 light upgrade
New Alternator
Alpine cd deck
Neuspeed sports springs
Neuspeed rear sway bar
Techtonics exhaust
boge shocks

(Post Master Sr)
10/13/05 11:32 PM
Re: Buy my twuck

Lowered the price of the DSM to 7500,took the SSRs off. Right now the car is 7500 with stock DSM BBS wheels and ok high performance tires. Ill take less this way,or 7500 OBO with BBS and Rcpds Im getting because it will be weak with regular tires.

(Post Master Supreme)
10/18/05 10:47 AM
WTB or borrow - used set of Azenis

tmitbyh is taking the Civic to a track event, and rather than shell out for brand new Azenis, we're looking for a set of used ones; 205/50R15. Just need a set that have a couple more passes on them, nothing spectacular. Let me know if you can help us out.
He could use a set of 14's if no one has the 15's

(Post Master Sr)
10/28/05 11:32 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

WTB: Walbro GSL 392 inline fuel pump 100 or less shipped.

(Post Master)
10/31/05 05:50 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

Got sold a while back. \:D

(Post Master Supreme)
11/06/05 10:44 AM
AMS mbc $20


(Post Master Supreme)
11/06/05 07:14 PM

The guy is cutting me a check tomorrow for $20k, and I will send him the difference later on. Guess they didn't get GSR sedans in England?

(Post Master Supreme)
11/06/05 07:50 PM
Re: 96 GSR Sedan / 100k / Modded / IL / $5000 obo

guess you're not parting it out

(Post Master Supreme)
11/06/05 08:16 PM
Re: 96 GSR Sedan / 100k / Modded / IL / $5000 obo

I dare anyone to ask me...

(Post Master Sr)
11/23/05 10:50 PM
selling the dodge, maybe

(Post Master Sr)
12/30/05 08:21 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

I have a stock 2002 Z06 Airbox w/Filter and a stock 2002 Z06 Air bridge ~ 1000 miles $50 for both.

I also have stock exhaust manifolds and H pipe with ~4000 miles Best Offer

Black Trunk Mat Used Z06 Lettering $50

Bell Snell M95 Helmet Black with Silver *mint* $75


Gravy Train
(Post Master Supreme)
01/22/06 01:08 AM
Re: SVA for sale thread

(2) 1-Ltr. bottles of ATE Super Blue brake fluid - $10 or I'll beat any advertised price... and you know I can ship cheaper than those motherfuckers too.

(1) complete set of new, never opened Hawk HPS ferro-carbon FRONT brake pads for '98+ F-body, C5 or GTO. $50 OBO.

(Post Master Sr)
01/23/06 11:41 AM
(4) 195/50/15 Yokohama Es100

I have a Set of 4 of these from the Saab
they're only about 15-20% used, but the front tires have a little "extra" wear from negative camber + toe. it only affects about 1" of the shoulder. the rest of the tire is in GREAT shape. Flip 'em so the wear is on the outside edge, or rear outside and have no worries. They're un-mounted and ready to go.
I'm not in a rush to sell, them So no low-ball offers.
I'll probably keep them for Seekonk if nobody buys them.

They are $60 each new, plus ~$50 shipping for the 4 from
I'll sell for less than half-price. $125

Cash preferred, paypal *could* be done.
Located in Central MA, pick-up preferred, shipping is on you. I have no problem meeting someone for delivery.

PM, of course.

01/25/06 03:21 PM
Re: (4) 195/50/15 Yokohama Es100


(Post Master Supreme)
02/27/06 12:38 PM
FS: 96 GSR 4dr / 114k / IL / $5k / modded

Thanks again John and Craig (and Bobby!).

(Post Master Jr)
02/27/06 03:15 PM
Re: FS: 96 GSR 4dr / 114k / IL / $5k / modded

1999 Mazda Miata (white w/tan leather) $8850 obo

42,xxx miles 2nd owner

New top (black), Hardog double diagonal rollbar w/ harnessbar, Flyin' Miata F/R track springs, Koni yellow adj. shocks, Azeni tires(plenty of tread) on Kazera (spec Miata wheels)
Racing beat front anti swaybar, K&N filter, new clutch slave cylinder. properly aligned by local shop that builds SM cars etc. Cold A/C as well!

Car is a super little Miata and has served as my wifes daily since we bought it with 17xxx miles on it. This car was built for track and autocross but my wife is not able to track as much as I am due to work. Lately, she is tracking my Corvette and it is SO much better prepping on ONE car!

This car is not perfect paint wise, I mean, it does have a few nicks and scratches on the front nose, one mirror and a quarter size spot on back bumper. It does look good just not a showcar but a DD/trackcar. I can email pics if interested.


Damnit, Laverty
(Post Master Supreme)
03/22/06 03:01 AM
Miata goodies.

Yeah, all the crap that came with the Miata I just bought is for sale.

Most of it is here, but i doubt anyone wants my ricetastical bumper, or "euro" tails... if you do, hit me up for special SvA pricing.

The stuff I figure might be of interest here: Polished "Voodoo" knob, ebrake handle, and button. 60 bucks shipped to any SvA'er.

1996 (obd2) ECU: 85 to anyone I know.
Coilpacks, 100obo.
Intake manifold (1994)- a flexible 100.
valvecover, 50ish.
Need wiring? Anything in the engine bay as long as it's not for the lighting can be yours. The power rack (14:1) is available, with pump, etc. AC lines, compressor, etc... Throw money at me, and you can take 'em!

Control arms are spoken for, and there's no airbags. All I need to keep is wiring to make it start, and have lights at the end of the day. Take the rest away... get it out of my garage.

Here's some links to pics.

(Post Master Supreme)
03/22/06 08:51 AM


(Post Master Supreme)
03/24/06 04:08 PM
FS: AEM filter on a stick for wrx (IL)


(Post Master Supreme)
03/29/06 01:57 PM
1995 Impala SS $4500 in Sumter, SC

Black, grey leather interior.
125k miles
Body is straight, paint peeling on the spoiler, interior is kind of rough.
We put a quarter panel and rear bumper on it at my work. Seems to run/drive well. Has brand new fuel pump. Total repair work was $4356.52 - $552.22 of which was for the fuel pump.

Can provide pictures for those interested. I ran a Carfax on it and everything came back good. Can provide a copy of that, too. Looks like the guy brought it here for every oil change from at least 65k miles (old repair orders have been purged).

(Post Master Supreme)
04/24/06 01:23 PM
FS: stock wrx fuel pump (IL)

Came off an '05 wrx

$40 + shipping

(Post Master Supreme)
07/30/06 12:00 AM
Re: SVA for sale thread

Posted 8/15/06

New Parts for sale:

Summit Racing Protorque high torque mini starter, brand new demo item. 4.44 gear reduction and 342ft-lbs of torque (I wish my car had that much). Fits Chevy 4.3L V6 - 502 V8 motors with 153-168 tooth flywheels. Summit PN is SUM-820232-M. Summits price is $230, I'm offering for $180 shipped in the continental U.S..

The second item I have for sale is a brand new set of ARP headstuds for Pontiac V8s with Ram Air 5 heads. Summit PN ARP-190-4005. Summits Price is $126, I am offering them for sale for $95 shipped in the continental U.S.

PM me here or email if interested, thanks!

(Post Master)
09/14/06 03:14 AM
Re: SVA for sale thread

1987 Grand National LE Turbo
1 out of 1018 made

($4000 Pearl White paint)

3.8l SFI Turbo 8,000 miles on engine
Rebuilt Turbo
Green Stripe Injectors
Hypertech 93 Octane Chip
Adj. Wastegate
Terry Houston 3" Turboback exhaust
B&M Ratchet Shifter Kit
New Suspension
New Rear End Eaton 3.43 posi unit

Weld Dag Lite wheels
A/C works great

Car is crazy fast and well maintained (Mobil 1 every 3000 miles)

No pics, but dynosheets and everything else avail.

$15,000 obo

please send me an e-mail at

E. Norma Stitz
(Post Master Supreme)
09/14/06 12:26 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

if i just spent 4g's on paint i might take pics

(Post Master Jr)
10/13/06 06:51 AM
Re: SVA for sale thread

04 Mini Cooper S BRG with 17,520 mi One Owner. Most options including sport. $23900 OBO email for pics or

(Post Master Supreme)
11/17/06 09:50 AM
Re: SVA for sale thread

since this is now a mustang site here's some goodies off the GF's 2000 GT.
Parts located in Houston, TX
I will ship any and all of it for actual freight.

T3650 Tranny w/ B&M Shifter, well under 10,000 miles on it -- 600.00 obo

JLT Cold Air Induction - White (no picture) 75.00 obo

Energy Suspension Polyurethane lower arm bushings for stock a-arms 40.00 obo

PA Full Man VB W/ Trans Brake- AODE or 4R70W
This valve body is about a year and a half old. It will hold 500 hp; has a fixed line pressure at 175 psi and will come with the soft pigtail for the wiring
125.00 obo

FRPP SVO Quadrant don’t care, just want it gone 10.00

UPR Quadrant, Firewall adjuster and cable 40.00 obo

RAM Billet Steel Flywheel (6bolt for mod) -- about 600 miles on it. 175.00 obo

SPEC Stage 3 Clutch, 10.5” 10 SPline about 600 miles on 200.00 firm

12/27/06 07:02 AM
Re: SVA for sale thread


(Post Master Supreme)
02/01/07 04:14 PM
'97 F150/'99 BMW 540i/'74 Innocenti MiniCooper

Just got this email from a friend...


Lastly, I still have the '97 (last of the steel frames) CR125 for sale...good shape...STRONG
runner... $1500.

Come on me thin the herd a bit (spread the word)!!!


ps...If anyone is interested (serious parties) I am looking to sell the Innocenti...
$12, haggling.

Just contact me if you're interested. Note, the prices are based on his lack of interest in haggling.


(Post Master Supreme)
02/12/07 02:49 AM
Re: '97 F150/'99 BMW 540i/'74 Innocenti MiniCooper

Before I put it up on ebay, anybody here need a CNC mill?

The ebay buy it now price will be $20,000 (plus you pay to cart it off), but I think I can do a little better for SvA.


RiceEater T/A
(Post Master Sr)
04/10/07 01:50 PM
Re: '97 F150/'99 BMW 540i/'74 Innocenti MiniCooper

Friend is selling his Celica Alltrac the car is located in blacksburg:



*Due to a fuel leak (injector o-rin) the car must be trailered*
...if inside of blacksburg, it might be possible to drive it

Car is in SW VA (windsor hills)

The alltrac celica is a 2.0L Turbo 4 cylinder. Iron block, aluminum head. 50/50 AWD full time. Viscous center diff, open front and rears (on this generation). Should weigh around 3000 or a little less as it sits (no a/c, stereo, some other minor weight redux)

It has problems, hense why it was my project. I did a lot of work, it needs more. It won't pass inspection as it sits. To the best of my knowledge it needs(to pass inspection):
Fuel leak fixed
Two CV boots
Muffler (straight pipe currently)
Cat if you live in an area where they do end-of-the-pipe testing (it has a shell)
Probably tires. The ones on it are "good" still, but there is a flat spot on one that won't pass.

The motor was just rebuilt by me. Hone/deck/cleaning for the block with new rings, bearings, etc. Used crank. Head was cleaned with new valve seals, seat job, and deck. It's currently leaking oil in a few places, minor valve cover, and I think the oil pump seal is leaking?
Suspension is in pretty good shape. I have about -3 degrees of camber in the front from slotting mounting points. Eibach pro-kit. Brand new stock struts front, blown stockers rear. Bushings seem good in general.
Drivetrain is pretty much indestructible. Tranny/axles/diffs will hold 10s stock. Open diffs front and rear, viscous center.
Brakes aren't in bad shape. I had planned to do some work to them, but it was low on the list.
Body... Well, it's rough. It's been wrecked and fixed multiple times. Currently the front end doesn't line up too well, and has rust. Everything behind the front of the front doors is fine IMO. A few spots of rust here and there. It would do great to have two new quarters, and have all of the "widebody" kit removed, cleaned, and reattached. I repainted the engine bay black last's in good shape minus some areas from doing the engine rebuild.
Turbo has shaft play.

If you have questions or want to see it, get in touch. MTBGAEL is my AIM.

If you have any questions about parts availability/upgradability/etc I can probably answer those. This would be great for a rally car, as it already looks like it's been run into a tree, so you don't have to worry about it

RiceEater T/A
(Post Master Sr)
04/13/07 05:41 PM
Re: '97 F150/'99 BMW 540i/'74 Innocenti MiniCooper

nm sold...

(Post Master Supreme)
04/18/07 07:19 PM
Re: '97 F150/'99 BMW 540i/'74 Innocenti MiniCooper

New never used Motive products power bleeder for euro style cars. Here is the description from their site.

Works on most European cars, including Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Fiat, Mercedes, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, SAAB, Volkswagen, Volvo, and all other cars with 45mm threaded hydraulic fluid reservoir caps (Adapter 1100). Comes with everything you need to bleed your hydraulic brake or clutch system.

New price is 50 plus shipping. I'll sell it for 35 shipped.

(Post Master Supreme)
04/27/07 11:41 AM
Re: SVA for sale thread


VW Rabbit 84
(Post Master Supreme)
06/14/07 10:01 AM
Re: SVA for sale thread

92 SE-R $500 lol

(Post Master Sr)
06/21/07 10:55 AM
Re: SVA for sale thread

pics? any other info?

(Post Master Sr)
08/05/07 04:33 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

Palm M130.

PM me for specs. It's in the garage. It's cheap.

(Post Master Sr)
08/18/07 11:51 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

The VG's gotta go folks, moving back soon!

44K original miles...OK OK it's actually 144K miles. \:D

(Post Master Sr)
09/27/07 10:12 AM
Re: SVA for sale thread

Sold. It's Kraut time!

(Post Master Supreme)
10/18/07 09:17 AM
Re: SVA for sale thread


(Post Master)
10/25/07 11:01 AM
1988 Porsche 944 LT1 Project (MN)

1988 Porsche 944 LT1 Project

This is a project car, and needs to be finished.
The cost to finish this project is really up to you. Variables include your part discounts and how much of the labor that you sub out (if any). Included are GM shop manuals (to help you with wiring, vacuum, and fuel connections), Porsche Owners manual, and Porsche Repair Manual.

I hope this helps!

EXTERIOR- Guards Red in very good condition. Tires and wheels are: Front- Kuhmo 225-40 x 18”; Rear- Kuhmo 255-35 x 18”, all mounted on Miglia 10” wide wheels. New seals included for the windows and sunroof. Check out the roof mount radio antenna!
INTERIOR- The clean black interior has been updated w/ new upholstery, wherever it was required, and shows very well. The rear seat has been replaced w/ a cover which is finished in matching carpeting. A sport steering wheel is included, in addition to the original “Airbag” steering wheel. The steering is now non-power, for an improved feel of the road. Included is a quality stereo and rear box speakers. A new shifter boot is also included.
ENGINE- Chevy LT1 300 hp w/ factory roller cam. The intake manifold has been powder coated and comes w/ rebuilt injectors and the factory fuel rails. New items include the distributor, Accel wires, plugs, and gaskets. Original items include the A/C compressor, alternator, water pump, wiring harness, computer, and GM shop manuals to help you with wiring, vacuum, and fuel connections. The engine is attached to the Porsche 5 speed transaxle w/ a CNC adapter, and uses a new hydraulic clutch. As you know, operating expenses and Chevy parts are MUCH cheaper than what Porsche charges!
Now on eBay!

Call John if you have questions.

(Post Master Supreme)
12/02/07 08:47 AM
Re: SVA for sale thread


(Post Master Supreme)
02/27/08 03:22 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

Hey guys I a set of 4 almost brand new 235-40-18's Dunlop Winter Sport M3's.
They have 95% tread left on them, I got them for my Impala SS and they are the wrong fit. These tires will cost you $230 bucks each new, anyone intersted in a good deal?

(Post Master Supreme)
02/27/08 03:33 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

Hey guys I have a set of 4 almost brand new 235-40-18's Dunlop Winter Sport M3's.
They have 95% tread left on them, I got them for my Impala SS and they are the wrong fit. These tires will cost you $230 bucks each new, anyone intersted in a good deal?

(Post Master Sr)
04/03/08 02:26 AM
Re: SVA for sale thread

Selling this for a friend (Jon) and yes it is a mullet mobile. It does 11.22's, runs cool with cold A/C in the summer, completely stealth with stock exhaust, it is even quieter then stock F-body when the cutout is closed (around 6psi) and sounds wicked with it is opened (around 14psi).

You can pop the hood but it will look stock. And it will even sound stock since it has a stock muffler....until you open the cutout.

The Intercooler

Jon has built several turbo Camaros but I love this one the most. It isn't the fastest (11.22 only) but it sure is the most sleeper. People had popped the hood and lay on the ground trying to find the turbo, very stealth.

Straight from Jon:
98 nbm ss camaro

bb 72 turbo, air to air intercooler, water/meth injection, stepped long tube wrapped headers, spohn body mount torque arm, poly trans mount, th400, precision vig convertor, b&m shifter, 2.73 gears so it still goes down the hiway at 80mph.
Boyd five spoke polished wheels on nittos. 60 lb injectors, timing tuner, pcm tuned, 317 heads, mls head gaskets and arp head studs. Drives better then stock. Quieter then stock with stock muffler behind turbo. Electric cutout between turbo and muffler. Timing tuner in cabin for on the fly timing changes.

This is a stealth turbo kit, you can not see anything with the hood open. Stock air box is still in place. It runs 10-14 psi on 91 octane and makes mid 500's at the wheels. It went 11.22 @123 on et streets and 11.7 on the nittos. This has been my wifes daily ride for two years, your mother could drive it easy if she can operate a b&m shifter.

$14500 possible parts trade like 10000 and something else like a quad, car ,etc...I d prefer cash as I have too many cars as it is.

t tops, grey interior, ac, ps, pw etc etc

06/18/08 07:04 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread


(Post Master Supreme)
08/24/08 11:00 AM
Re: SVA for sale thread


08/26/08 10:44 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

I'm currently selling my 2000 EBP Si. It is in great condition.
THe link above is an older picture, but it looks the same, with the exception of tint and ion blue headlight covers. ALso check out the link:

(Post Master Supreme)
09/10/08 06:56 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

(Post Master Sr)
11/20/08 02:38 PM
DSM part-out....

I'm parting it out. there's not much high-dollar crap on it (for good reason)
EVERYTHING is negotiable. you pay shipping. I'll eat the paypal fees.

starting from the front-back.
91 talon bumper. white. no cracks, no scuffs. the two bar things are separated. $50

1g GST long route IC piping + FMIC. from the turbo outlet to the TB.
2.75" mostly, 2.25 upper. works on ABS, and non-ABS. $250.
If you'd like the ported GM MAF, and translator, make it $400.

Aluminum 1g Radiator. this thing was like $200 new, + the 14" fan (wired into stock plug) it fits well, and the fan clears the xtremePsi J-pipe. $125 with fan

Aluminum 3" intake (to stock location) with $50 stainless steel filter, and 3" to 2.5" black coupler and T-bolt.

One month old non-ported EVOIII exhaust manifold. $150.

EVOIII turbo + tubular 02 housing. TBD the hot side has been helicoiled, and I DID break an 02 bolt, but it's sealed 100%.

1g head. I was told that this was 100% rebuilt by SBR with new valves, springs, and guides. this was never over-heated, and was only torqued down once. Currently, it's got FP2's in it.
$300 without cams, $550 with.

The block.
This thing's apparently a junkyard rotating 6-bolt assembly with a new oil pump, water pump, timing belt crap, and BSEK. This is the 130, 130, 90, 130 motor. It's going to need at least rings. this thing can go for $250.

1992 FWD trans.
The things is great. Although, I DID race it, I never beat on it...
you will need to do something about the mount bosses. one's broken off.
It's supported fine with the one bolt, but you would want to weld a bracket on the stock mount to use one of the "extra" bosses. This is the transmission that needs an input shaft. take it for $75.

Used 2600 with FWD F1 11lb flywheel, and sprung 6-puck. I loved this on the street. The sprung hub makes it as drivable as a street disk, but it holds as well as any other. This whole thing can go for $150.

I have a relatively-new set of FIC 780cc injectors.
I'd sell these for $200.

I've got DSMlink + a 92 ECU, too.
I know V3 is coming, out....
ECU+chip+CD+p3 IBM T30 laptop for $650.

92 socketed ECU -$250
laptop (goes with DSMlink) $50 (doesn't hold charge, but otherwise works 100%)

I have wheels I put on right before the shootout last year.
They're ASA.. something. they're 17x8" and weigh 22#/wheel the offset is a little high, and they actually pop out a bit on my 1g with 225/45/17 tires.
I think they're in pretty good shape. 3 are perfectly round with ZERO curbing. The 4th has 3 decent nicks, but no grinding.
They have 2x sumitomo HTRZII 215/45/17, and 2x HTRZ 225/45/17.
I paid a little more than $1000 for the wheels with cheap tires...
$650, and they're yours. I'll even clean them, and wax 'em up for ya.

I've got a set of big brakes, too.
brackets+ hawk pads+ rotors+ (black powder coated)calipers for $150

I will eventually have a set of FWD eibach springs.
If you want these, give me $75 and your old ones. (SO I can push the car around) They're on front GR-2s and rear "not-so-hot" AGXs

The car's got a 2.5" press-bent downpipe that needs a new flex-section, and a 2.5" mandrel RNR exhaust with little rust, and good canister. $150 for that.

Front(red), and rear(chrome) STB $35

Full grey/blue Laser interior. everything is 100%. no tears, no rainbows.

upgraded headlight wiring harness, and H1 conversion headlights.
$55 (you bring the bulbs)

I've got a bunch of random stuff kicking around, and I WILL have things like coils, alternator, transistors, TB, manifold, cam angle sensor around.
If you need something, make an offer. I'll likely take it.

The hood is in GREAT shape with no dents. It's white outside, and blue inside. the hatch is the same. the outside, including the wing is white... inside is blue. I've got a white 92 Eclipse rear bumper, and perfect-condition eclipse tail-lights

(Sr Member)
11/22/08 12:58 PM
Re: DSM part-out....

How much for the FP2's themselves?

M3Pilot or M3Driver
(Post Master Sr)
12/17/08 02:24 PM
Re: DSM part-out....

225 45 17 Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD 3s. have a total of 8 miles on them. the nubs are still on them!! PM if interested

(Post Master Supreme)
02/16/09 04:22 PM
Re: DSM part-out....

Year/Make/Model: 1991 BMW 318is

Location: West Michigan

Price: 2300 Firm

Mileage: 153000

Very clean car for its age. Had a respray at one point where some of the new paint is flaking off. Has very very minimal rust ( surface only, no rotting) on the under side of the trunk/doors. Easily fixable with a rattle can. Has newish generic snow tires that do ok in the snow. Car runs like a champ once warmed up. Initially it hunts for an idle while cold and the belt chirps a tad every once in a while if its cold enough out.

Right now the faceplate is missing off the CD player. I'll be replacing that before the sale. It is wired for an alpine amp running the door speakers and has a cheapy bass tube too. Nothing spectacular but it works.

Also, the driverside door lock only works from the passenger side (to lock it you use the external lock and key at the passenger side). One of the power window switcheds is currently broke but I will be replacing that too.

Only other downside is that it needs some front bushings addressed. It has a vibration in the steering wheel on braking. The rotors/pads are new though, so thats not the problem. I'm guessing bushings or possibly a wheel bearing.

Any questions, shoot me a PM.

Would make a great donor car for a V8 ;\)

you can see the peeling paint at the trim under the rear side window.

EDIT: Legacy will be for sale once I get it back from the motor being built at AllSpeed. PM if interested and I'll give the run down.

(Post Master Sr)
03/19/09 07:13 PM
LS1 Clutches & Wheels

McLeod Street Twin part number is 6913-07. Rated at 800HP. You can use LS1 Flywheel. McLeod Billet Flywheel. Both are used for 500 miles according to the seller I bought it from. I didn't use it because I ended up buying another one rated at 1500HP.
$660 for Street Twin
$280 for Flywheel
$840 if you want both

CenterForce Dual Friction Clutch. This is the 11" version, I had a 12" version which the C5 destroyed it in 3 launches at the strip. CenterForce sent this one out as a better replacement, but I don't need it. $350

Polished zo6 wheels 18x 9.5 and 18 x 10.5. They are used and it shows, but they polish up nicely for street/track use. No go for show quality. $550.

LS 1 heads.......$60 pair
5.3 alum heads (19k miles) great for upping the compression on an ls1 $200
rx7 oem twin turbos....$100
Turbos.......(4) buick gn turbos. $60- $200. depending on which one you may want. All for $400.
C5R sheet metal intake. two piece, with unfinished fuel rails. $1600.00

I can email pix upon request.

(Post Master Supreme)
07/22/10 08:27 AM
Re: LS1 Clutches & Wheels

I know none of you guys drive MKIV VW's but I'm parting an entire '01 Wolfsburg. If you have family or friends that don't wanna get fucked at the dealer let me know what you need, I most likely have it.

(Post Master Supreme)
09/24/10 09:24 AM
Re: FS: Koni SA's for E36 / stock springs / spare tire / HU / CD

I hate to do this but I really need to let it go. I've put a ton of work into this car and it has more than my asking price of $5500 in bolt ons/upgrades(probably more like $10k in parts).

1990 LX 5.0

Factory 5.0 AOD car, now has C4
Power windows
Dark Grey w/ Grey Interior
Car has approx. 3 year old paint
Interior and Exterior the car is an 8 out of 10(nicer than 90% of the foxes I've seen lately).
Car starts and runs but needs to be tuned and needs several things buttoned up(mentioned below) to hit the street/track.
Car will need to be trailered home due to open exhaust and recent front suspension parts being installed, alignment is eyeballed close but not perfect, no problems just needs to be put on an alignment rack and done right.

Nearly every part that I have put on the car was new out of the box and still has 0 miles on them.

I've lost interest and don't have time to finish this car out. Its full of good parts to make a nice fun car.
Stock block, Rods, Forged Pistons
New rings, bearings, honed, freeze plugs
ARP Main studs
Mac Windage Tray
Proform 7qt oil pan
Mac 1 3/4" Long Tube Headers, no mufflers installed yet
ARP head bolts
Ford Racing Z304 Heads(Think high port Canfields w/ a ford logo on them) 205cc intake runner flow 288 @ .600, CNC'ed chambers w/ 2.02 valves, pistons are cut to clear cam and valves @ .100 exhaust and .09 intake on face and radius
Ford SVO 1.6 rockers on 7/16 studs
Edelbrock Victor 5.0 intake w/ 1" spacer
NOS 05115 Dry kit, complete but not installed
Proform elect. fan
Ford Racing Aluminum Radiator
MSD billet dist.
New water pump
March billet alt. bracket
New Ford balancer
New flexplate w/ ARP bolts
*still has 19# inj & stock MAF so I could get it started

Stock 26 spline C4 w/ R servo w/ stock valve body in it.
4k 9" converter-not installed but comes w/ car
8.8 w/ Ford Motorsport 4:10's w/ freshly rebuilt trac-loc all new bearings and seals in rear end
Granatelli Rear End Girdle

BBK Subframe connectors
Baseline chromoly adjustable lowers
UMI non-adj. uppers
Granatelli K member
Granatelli A Arms
Granatelli front Coil overs 175#
Comp Eng 3 way rear shocks
Strange 10 way Struts
UPR C/C plates
New front & rear brake pads, bearings and seals

Brand New Greg Weld 15x3.5 & 15x10's w/ NEW 185-15's & NEW 275/60-15 Nitto Drag Radials

B&M Hammer shifter w/ C4 conversion kit
Alpine head unit w/ remote
Autometer Gage Cage w/ elec. fuel psi, mech water temp
Autometer A pillar pod w/ elec oil psi
Anderson Motorsport Loadio maf controller *not installed, I bought this to tune the car w/ a Lightning Maf
MSD window switch for nitrous
Maximum Motorsports 6 point bolt in cage w/ swing out door bars
Rear seat is removed for roll cage install but is in perfect shape and ready to go back in if desired

The car needs a few more things to be 100% complete. Mostly labor. As it sits it does not have mufflers installed. Will need an alignment due to k member install.

This is not a hacked up rusted wrecked pile, its extremely straight and in great shape.

As stated above I've lost interest and don't have any time to finish it. I built it w/ the intention of having a solid platform to grow w/. Should have the ability to run low 12's/high 11's on motor and w/ a converter change deep in the 11's/10's on a little spray.
I still have all of the AC components that were removed in GOOD working order.

$5,500 OBO
I will consider trades for:
Hot Air T-Types or GN's
1st gen lightnings
65/66 v8 coupe in running driving condition

Email @

hood is not adjusted/closed completely in these pics

Door bars in/out for cage

(Post Master Supreme)
09/24/10 11:48 AM
Re: FS: Koni SA's for E36 / stock springs / spare tire / HU / CD

A thousand rednecks just went DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNG.

Nice car.

(Post Master Supreme)
08/07/11 10:20 PM
Re: FS: Koni SA's for E36 / stock springs / spare tire / HU / CD

My automotive ADD has struck once again and I'm looking to free up some funds to finish my '67.

1998 Bight Atlantic Blue Cobra
161k miles
5 speed w/ B&M short throw shifter. Also have stock handle/shifter.
Cold AC
Current Texas Inspection

Only mods to car are:
Diablo Predator Programmer
Magnaflow Magnapack catback, 1 month old
10th anniversary Cobra replicas in 17x9 w/ 275/40-17 Nittos and 17x10 w/ 315/35-17 Nitto Drag Radials on the rear. Tires have less than 300 miles on them, no burn outs, racing, etc.

Great looking black leather interior, great looking dash pad, console & carpet, steering wheel shows typical wear for miles.

Car is extremely fun to drive, trans works great but it is stiff to get into reverse when cold.
Clean carfax.


PM for phone number

(Post Master Supreme)
08/15/11 12:43 PM
Re: FS: Koni SA's for E36 / stock springs / spare tire / HU / CD

HP Tuners VCM Suite MPVI Standard w/8 GM credits (I thought 6, but web site says 8).


(Post Master Sr)
11/29/11 09:15 PM
Re: FS: Koni SA's for E36 / stock springs / spare tire / HU / CD

Nevermind, nothing to see here...

(Jr Member)
09/01/14 06:11 PM
Re: FS: Koni SA's for E36 / stock springs / spare tire / HU / CD

Hello all! I have a brand new, unopened set of KW V3 Coilovers for sale. Part # 35286003. It will fit 08+ infiniti g37 and 09+ nissan 370z. PM me any offers or questions.

Advantage Auto M
10/14/15 03:24 PM
Re: SVA for sale thread

Not bad! Sold.


(Post Master Jr)
12/08/16 12:34 AM
Re: SVA for sale thread

WTB: Clean title 1999 or 2000 Civic Si. Preferably low miles, stock wheels, no mods and EBP.

PM .

(Jr Member)
10/31/17 02:48 AM
Re: SVA for sale thread

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