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04/25/16 05:50 AM
Dallas gathering - June 4, 2016

Hey y'all!!

It's been a long time since we've attempted to gather and socialize. Just wanted to get this out there early enough so if people want to attend, they can make plans.

Registergo/Ryan will be in town (from Buffalo, NY) for a visit in early June, we're planning on going to Top Golf for a bit and then to grab dinner somewhere nearby. Personally, I suck at golf, but can tolerate TG. If anyone wants to join us, please do!

Not sure as to what time yet, but I imagine it will be shortly after lunch time (maybe 3pm-ish)at the TG location nearest to where he'll be staying.

Top Golf - Dallas
8787 Park Lane
Dallas, TX 75231


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04/25/16 05:52 PM
Re: Dallas gathering - June 4, 2016

I'll try to make it!

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05/26/16 01:53 PM
Re: Dallas gathering - June 4, 2016

I will actually be in Dallas that weekend for the nephew's graduation, so I'll probaly swing by!

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06/06/16 12:13 PM
Re: Dallas gathering - June 4, 2016

Martina need to inform me on this stuff!