09/08/07 09:28 PM
need help on b20vtec build!~!

so iv decided to do a different setup and swap my bottom end for a b20 bottom end
whats the best b20 bottom end to choose?

heres what i was thinking, altho i have sum questions ill post after if ppl can answer them to the best of there ability i would apreciate it! thanks!!

heres my planned setup!

skunk2 intake manifold
skunk2 66mm throttle body
skunk2 pro 1 cams
skunk2 pro series cam gears
skunk2 hi rev valve springs
skunk2 titanium retainers
skunk2 valves (hi compression or std?)
skunk2 dual bend short shifter
skunk2/hondata p28 S300 ecu
wesico pistons
megan 4-1 header
magnaflow hi flow cat
apexi n1 catback
aem v2 intake
stage 1 clutch
7.5 lb flywheel

now for the questions!
1. should i do a skunk2 pro series intake manifold or edelbrock victor X ??
2. should i do a bigger or smaller throttle body or 66mm good?
3. should i use pro 1 cams or stage 2?
4. what do i need to slap the b16 head on a b20 bottom end? vtec conversion kit?
5. is swaping the bottom end for a b20 worth the money?
6. tq gains by swaping to a b20 bottom end?
7. what kinda whp can be expected out of this?
8. best to go to OBD1? is it a must with the s300 ecu?
9. what kind of pistons should i use?
10. anything else required??
11. should i get hi compression valves since im gonna raise the compression?

thanks in advance guyz i really do apreciate any help i can get!!
comments/opinions/advice/knowledge please!
links, dynos, part numbers this will all help thanks!

(Jr Member)
09/15/07 09:40 AM
Re: need help on b20vtec build!~!

research first of all. there is a good thread in the all motor section on honda-tech titled how to build a reliable ls/vtec or b20 vtec.

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09/20/07 03:36 AM
Re: need help on b20vtec build!~!

Here's my B20V dyno me for details